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  • Volleyball Court

    Why can't WSU get a volleyball specific court like this?

    Seems they have enough fan support to justify this kind of purchase.

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    Coach's Show question?

    I love the 23 people in the stands with 22:39 until first serve.


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      When the USA men's volleyball team played at Koch Arena a couple of times a few years back they brought a volleyball specific court with them and I must say I did like it. Not sure what such a floor costs, what kind of space is needed to house it and what kind of logistics are involved in putting it down and taking it up.

      I assume the above is a photo from this season which would be post-$87 million renovation. I don't think this court is the same type that the USA Men's team used which may have been more of a roll out rubberized surface.

      While Shocker volleyball program is decent fan support I don't know if the volleyball program makes money or not. There tickets revenues are probably around $150,000 per year. They maybe pull in $50,000 to $60,000 from the Volleyball Dinner & Auction. Those two combined don't cover Lambo's salary let alone that of his coaching and administrative staff. Not sure how much they bring in in concession revenue and advertising revenue but I doubt it puts them in the black. No doubt AAC travel costs are significantly higher than the Valley bus trips.

      Probably the best chance to get a volleyball specific floor is if there is a well-heeled supporter who wants the name on something volleyball or sports related.

      That said it would be a good question. Not sure Lambo would know much about it or not. Might have to go to Becky Endicott for an answer.
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        Here is the floor that the USA Men's team played on at Koch Arena (in 2009 I believe). I'm surprised I found a picture of the floor laid out in Koch Arena. That was some powerful, high-octane volleyball against the Italians one year and the Russians the next year. I loved the floor. Would love to get the USA team back into Koch Arena again in the future.


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          So when the new Y is built what are the plans for the Heskett Center?


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            Originally posted by shoxlax View Post
            So when the new Y is built what are the plans for the Heskett Center?
            The 60,000-square-foot YMCA facility would supplement the existing Heskett Center.

            “The Heskett Center is a great facility, but it’s just really old and the cost to renovate it was just cost prohibitive.”

            The hope, he said, is that the new facility will help sell the campus to prospective students.

            The new facility would expand recreation options, rather than replace WSU’s existing Heskett campus recreation center.

            “Intramurals, sport clubs, aquatics and the crew team will still have a home in the Heskett Center,” Hall said. “We expect the Campus Rec staff will create additional initiatives to engage students there.”