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2018 NIVC

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    The Shockers nemesis strikes again. a 4-point run by UCA makes a 12-10 Shocker lead turn into a 12-14 deficit and Lambo takes a timeout.


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      Hmm. Let me include the chances of winning the first match.

      39.4% - North Texas (60.5%)
      22.2% - Shockers (54.4%)
      21.6% - Tulsa (39.5%)
      16.8% - Central Arkansas (45.6%)


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        15 all moves to 15-19 and another Shocker TO.


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          Shocks get it back to even at 15 then give up another 4 point run to make it 19-15 and Lambo uses his 2nd timeout.


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            First Set is 20-25.

            .152 v .257

            Tabitha with 5-1-12 for .333


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              Second Set

              Grace replaces Kara among the starters.

              5-0 start for the Shocks. We shall see.


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                I was afraid to mention the good start.

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              I have the audio stream now (although the quality is bad). It sounds like Denning Georing on the call. Denning does a good job.


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                Shockers prove once again that with this team no lead is big enough and no lead is safe.


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                  13-6 and a Sugar Bear kill and three Shocker attack errors make it 13-10 and brings on a Shocker TO.

                  14-13 and a four-point Shocker run take the score to 18-13 and a UCA TO.

                  Shockers finish off the set 25-18.

                  Four blocks and three service aces in the set. .231 v -.034.

                  For the match, Tabitha is 9-1-19 for .421 and Regan is 6-2-11 for .364.

                  The Shocks went with a 5-1 during this set.
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                    Good blocking in Set 2. Tabitha and Reagan performing well. Megan can't seem to get anything going. Not sure if she is hurting or not. As usual not getting too much out of our middles. But Emma has 5 block assists. Regan has 4 block assists.

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                    I suspect she is still hurting. After seeing how Regan arches her back to get some steam behind her swing, how can see how Megan's abdominal issue would really affect her swing.

                    You're welcome. Megan is on a roll in the third set after my comment.
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                  Set Three

                  Grace get the first Shocker point of the set (1-1) after having two errors on two swings in the second set.

                  Shocks move from 5-4 to a 14-6 lead including three kills by Megan. TO UCA.

                  Two more kills by Megan and another TO. 16-6.

                  Shockers cruise to a 25-13 win in the third set.

                  .586 v .139 in the set. Megan had nine! kills in the set.

                  For the match, Tabitha has 15 kills and Megan has 12.
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                    All of a sudden Megan comes to life. 5 kills on her last attacks.7 with no errors.

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                    Shocks cruise in set 3 playing one of the best sets in a long-time.

                    Megan I believe was 9-0-12 in the set after struggling to a 3-3-13 line in the first 2 sets.. Thinking Lambo had to make some kind of adjustment in the Megan's attack pattern and/or slot.

                    But the Shocks have been up 2-1 a number of times this year without a happy ending. Hoping they can keep their focus today.

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                  Set Four

                  Back and forth - no lead more than two. 9-9.

                  Media TO. 14-15 UCA. Still no lead more than two.

                  17-17 and a run by either team will be big.

                  18-17 and UCA takes a TO.

                  19-21 and the Shocks take a TO.

                  Kill by Emma and an attack error. 21-21 and a UCA TO.

                  The Sugar Bears get off the canvas and take the set 23-25 on a Megan hitting error. On to the fifth set.

                  .200 v .280 in the set.

                  Megan with eighteen kills and Tabitha with seventeen.
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                    Set Five

                    2-0 Shocks to start and then a series of sideouts, mostly kills by Tabitha and Megan. A UCA error moves the score to 8-5, and we switch ends.

                    Two more attack errors before the Sugar Bears stop the run. 10-6.

                    Sideouts with two more kills by Tabitha. Kill by Emma makes it 13-9 and UCA takes a TO.

                    Lots of comments about balls hitting the roof. I suspect it is actually the ceiling. :)

                    Megan kills an overpass to move the score to 14-9 and UCA takes their final TO.

                    Shocks win 15-11 on a service error.

                    For the match, .300 v .171

                    Tabitha is 22-3-39 for .487 and Megan is 22-6-44 for .364 to lead the Shockers.
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                      I'll take the service error.

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                    Someone else can have the post-match comments. Time for me to eat! :)



                    Wondered how much their heads would be into these matches. A lot of not-doing-what-the-scouting-report-said in the first set. Much improved after that.

                    Thought Tabitha and Megan had good approaches, showed some patience in their swings. Something they had worked on in practice this week.

                    Happy for Emma (six kills) because of her having to overcome the problems caused by her broken thumb earlier in the season. Really, really happy for Kora. He made special note of her defense.
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                      Tulsa 1-3 North Texas
                      (13) 17 23 21


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                        I had to cut away after Set 4. I was certainly concerned about going to a 5th set with the way things have gone this year. Glad to see the ladies pull it out.

                        2nd consecutive terrific performance for Tabitha who hit 22-3-39 = .487 while Megan after hitting 3-3-13 = .000 in the first 2 sets found something and hit 19-3-31 = .516 over the last 3 sets.

                        Emma had 6 block assists and a block solo.

                        North Texas defeated Tulsa in 4 sets (13), 17. 23 and 21 and they will host the Shockers tomorrow evening at 5:30.


                        • flyingMoose
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                          The Shocker chances of winning this pod have jumped - all the way to 36.8%.