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Shocks At USF (Friday @ 6:00) and UCF (Sunday @ Noon)

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  • Shocks At USF (Friday @ 6:00) and UCF (Sunday @ Noon)

    The Shocks head out on the road for the 6th time in 7 weeks and head back to the East Coast since the opening weekend of the season. Hard to say if all of this travel has had a negative impact on this young Shocker team or not.

    IIRC Lambo finished his radio show Monday with a comment that this weekend will tell us a lot about this team (or at least maybe it will tell him a lot).

    USF has a very good record of 13-3 but their non-conference schedule has not been particularly strong. The have won 3 in a row with a non-con win over North Florida and AAC sweeps over Memphis (20, 11, 22) and Tulane (23, 21, 25) all on the road. Prior to those 3 matches they lost to travel partner UCF at home in 5 sets (they lost Set 4 23-25 to push the match to a 5th set and then lost that set 10-15).

    The Shocks swept Memphis 18, 21 and 24 and they beat Tulane in 5 sets 18, (17),17, (19) and 12.

    UCF is 12-3 against a pretty good schedule for their 1st 6 matches but not so much in the next 6 matches. In addition, to their 5 set win over USF, they beat Tulane in 4-sets and swept Memphis all on the road. The Tulane scores were (15), 19, 21 and 20. The Memphis scores were 18, 14 and 18.

    Looks live video is available for the UCF match (as far as I can tell at no charge).

    The weekend is an opportunity for the Shocks to jump start the rest of their season and position themselves for a good finish in the AAC. OTOH, it also has the potential to perhaps change the focus to building for next year and beyond although maybe it is a little too early for that (or maybe not).

    Shocker Match Notes and Links
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    RH: Brooke Smith Ready to Step in When Needed


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      After first AAC loss, WSU volleyball season reaches an early crossroads



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        Very interesting. Kora Kauling and Grace Burken in the starting lineup although I's sure Grace will come off and Giorgia will enter to start the match. Brooke will be starting on the front line.

        Shocks have switched back to the 6-2. Kora's initial rotation was solid.
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          Shocks win Set 1 25-16 but drop the 2nd set 21-25 as the continue to struggle with consistency.


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            Shocks lead 8-6 in set 3 but Tabitha has had no attacks so far. I have no problem cutting back her workload but that may be a bit too much the other way.


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              Still no attacks for Tabitha but the Shocks lead 21-14 in Set 3 on the strength of a 7 point service run by Tabitha.


              • RoyalShock
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                Editing a comment
                Are the stats right that Tabitha has only had 4 total attacks the entire match so far?

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              Shocks 25-17 in the 3rd to go up 2-1. Can they put 2 good sets together?


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                Shocks out to a 13-8 lead in set 4.


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                  Shocks finish it off in 4 25-21.


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                    Lambo said they ran a 5-1 but shared the setting. Kora played the 3 front row rotations and Kali played the 3 back row rotations.

                    Just doesn't look like the Shocks will be much of a blocking team plus they get blocked more than anyone else in the AAC.

                    Still trying to find the key to unlock Tabitha. She needs to figure out a way to adjust to the new setters.


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                      Other Friday Scores

                      Tulsa 1-3 UCF
                      20 22 (20) 23

                      Cincinnati 3-0 Temple
                      18 23 26

                      Tulane 3-1 Memphis
                      (18) 12 17 18

                      ECU 3-1 UConn
                      (24) 20 23 17

                      Houston 0-3 SMU
                      22 15 19

                      UCF and Cincinnati remain undefeated in conference. The Shockers, ECU, and Tulsa all have one loss.


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                        Serving was much improved vs USF with 7 aces and only 5 errors compared to the 4 ace and 18 error performance vs Tulsa.


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                          Back in time to look at the stats.

                          It appears that Megan and Alex were the two left-side hitters, and Tabitha and ?? (Chase? Grace?) were the two right-sides. Brooke was a middle and Grace was also? This looks like an offensive arrangement straight from a fertile mind.

                          It also appears that the coaches have moved on from Tabitha being the focal point of the offense as a left-side.

                          Sunday may tell us more.


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                            Tabitha has had the opportunities but her true role is probably more of complimentary player. The young kids seem to be progressing well and the stats certainly look better. I'm more excited about these young ones and what they are doing. If Tabitha gets her act together that will be great but I do see some bright futures ahead.