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Shocks at Tulsa

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  • Shocks at Tulsa

    I don't have any information about the match - I will let 1972Shocker do his usual fine job there. However, I do need a place to stick the AAC scores from tonight.

    Friday Scores

    UCF 3-1 Tulane
    (15) 19 21 20

    SMU 0-3 Cincinnati
    18 18 20

    UConn 3-1 Temple
    23 (25) 22 16

    Houston 1-3 ECU
    17 (23) 11 18

    USF 3-0 Memphis
    20 11 22

    UCF and Cincinnati are undefeated at 2-0, and tomorrow night either the Shockers or Tulsa will fall from the conference undefeated ranks.

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    The Shocks (7-6, 2-0) head to T-Town to take on travel partner Tulsa (10-4, 2-0) in it's only match of the weekend. Normally, this game would have been played on Friday and Lambo would have given his team the weekend off. However, Tulsa wanted to push it forward to Saturday so they could schedule mid-week game this week against North Texas. Lambo agreed because you never now when you may have a favor to ask in return. As it turns out having an extra day to focus on team that lost its best middle and is apparently switching from a 6-2 to a 5-1 on the fly a little bit of time to tweak a few things and fine tune the 5-1 a bit.

    Tulsa returns most of it's key players from last year including their leading scorer 6-2 Sr. OH Emily Thorson although they are not relying as much on Thorson this year quite as heavily as last year although she still gets a lot of swings. A more balanced attack should make Tulsa tougher to deal with. 6-0 Sr. OH Rachel Moore is having a good season with 6-2 Fr.. MB Elyse Savadove, 6-2 So. MB Callie Cook and 6-4 So. MB Maggie Hembree contributing scoring punch. 5-8 Jr. Libero Taylor Horsfall, the reigning AAC Libero of the year, anchors the defense. Tulsa also returns both setters they used last year, 5-9 Jr. Mariah Pardo and 5-8 So. Lindsey Ledyard. Last year looks like they split the setting pretty evenly indicating a 6-2. However, this year Pardo has about 80% of the assists. So Tulsa has decent size and have an experience advantage over the Shocks.

    Tulsa has not played nearly as tough a schedule as the Shocks but the teams do have 3 matches against common opponents. Tulsa beat Memphis 12, 21, 21, Tulane 20, 22, 24 and North Texas (20), 24, 22, (11), 9. The Shocks beat Memphis 18, 21, 24, Tulane 18, (17), 17, (19), 12 and North Texas 23, 15, 19. Not sure how valuable these comparative scores are since the Shockers are in the process of being retooled

    I see it as an intriguing match that hopefully will provide some evidence of whether or not the switch to the 5-1 will work (assuming Lambo is committed to that) and possibly whether or not Lambo will pull the redshirt off of Brooke Smith and/or Chinelo Ogogor.

    Game time is 6:00 pm. Video is available on Hurricane Vision for $6.95.

    Shocker Match Notes and Links


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      Deleted by OP


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        Brooke Smith is in so her redshirt is pulled.

        Shocks struggling early. Thorson is 0-0-2 for Tulsa but the Freshman Savadove is 3-1-5. Tabitha is 0-2-5 for the Shocks. Shocks trail 5-11.

        After a timeout the Shocks rally to pull within one at 12-13 behind Kali and Megan and Tulsa takes a timeout.

        Megan is 4-0-8 and Kali is 3-1-5 (which may or may not be a good thing).

        Shocks fall behind by 3 at 15-18 and Lambo uses his 2nd timeout.

        Shocks scrapping. The Shocks pulled within 1 at 19-20 on a kill by Megain, 20-21 on a solo block by Megan and 21-22 on a kill by Megan before finally tieing the set at 22 on a kill by Alex. Timeout Tulsa.

        It's 30-30 but if the Shocks lose it will be because to of too many service errors on set point.

        Oh my. An attack error by Tulsa finally gives the Shocks the win in Set 1. 41-39. Yes, 41-39.

        I think the Shocks served for set point 12 times.

        Give me a "Whoa Nellie" Mr. Jackson.

        Tabitha after a very slow start came on late in the set. Megan carried the Shocks with 12 kills and 2 errors on 21 attacks.

        Surprisingly the Shocks outblocked Tulsa 4-1. Not very many blocks for a 80 point set.

        12 service errors in that set, 7 by the Shocks.
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          I have never in my life said Whoa Nellie!


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            Shocks fell behind 6-10 in set 2. Tied it up at 12-12 then a 3-point run by Tulsa put the Hurricane up 17-14 and Lambo calls a timeout.

            Service error by the Shocks (#10) followed by a Tulsa service ace puts Tulsa up 19-15.

            Set 2 goes to Tulsa 25-20.

            Brooke Smith providing a more than serviceble Emma Wright impersonation.

            12 service aces for the Shocks and only 2 aces.

            Didn't go to Megan much in Set 2. Perhaps Tulsa schemed to take her away.

            Tabitha is 9-6-35 = .086 and she has to be better than that for the Shocks to win.
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              A 5-point run by the Shocks puts them up 10-7 early in the 3rd set and forces Tulsa timeout.

              BTW, Mike reporting that the 41-39 1st set is a new Shocker record for the highest scoring set ever played. Also Grace Burken is not available as she is suffering back spasms.

              A 3-0 scoring run capped by a Megan service ace puts the Shocks up 17-12 and Tulsa takes their 2nd timeout.

              The Shocks close out the 3rd set 25-18 to go up 2-1.

              Much better serving with 2 aces against 2 service errors.

              Abby Pugh with one of her better sets of her young career.

              There have been a lot of extended rallies in this match indicating both teams are playing very hard.
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                A 4-scoring run puts Tulsa up 11-8 in Set 4. This run was primarily the result of Shocker errors mostly stemming from poor passing.

                No more live stats from this point but the Shocks have never got back into this set and Lambo started subbing liberally at 12-18 trying to rest some legs before the inevitable 5th set.

                Tulsa leads 21-14 as Lambo takes a timeut again probably to provide some rest time.

                Tulsa closes out the set at 25-15 on an overlapping call as we head to Set 5.

                Tulsa has the momentum and they served very well in Set 4.
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                  Not sure if we've run out of steam (honestly, we look like we have) but this is by far the worst set of the night. Brooke has played very well tonight.


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                    Originally posted by WuDrWu View Post
                    Not sure if we've run out of steam (honestly, we look like we have) but this is by far the worst set of the night. Brooke has played very well tonight.
                    I wondered about that. I am listening to Kennedy but not watching. Are you at the match or watching?


                    • WuDrWu
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                      Watching.....I cannot travel at this point unfortunately.

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                    Dig deep Shocks. Dig deep.

                    Shocks lead 10-8. Tulsa takes a time out.

                    10 -11 now. Shocker take a time out.

                    Tulsa now has 3 match points as they lead 14-11. Sounds like a turnaround in Tulsa's blocking may have swung the match in their favor.

                    Shocks fight off all 3 match points and we are tied at 14.

                    Another Tulsa match point at 15-14. Fought off again on Thorson attack error., 15-all.

                    16-16. Sounds like both teams are spent.

                    Another match for Tulsa at 17-16.

                    A long rally is won by the Shocks on a stuff block by Brooke Smith. 17-all.

                    Another long rally won by Tulsa and another set point at 18-17.

                    Tabitha hits it out of bounds and Tulsa wins it 19-17 and hand the Shockers their 1st ever AAC loss.

                    Tough loss for the Shocks but sounds like one heckuva an effort -- by both teams.
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                      Heartbreaker. We just rely on Tabitha so much....feel bad for her with 4 errors down the stretch. She needs help. Still, a great effort from the ladies.


                      • boyshocker
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                        Believe it is time not to rely on Tabitha, think the last two years she was left open when teams were worried about Jody, Abby,Micaela and others. Her hitting pct. is around .130, let these young arms take over for while.. Might be just what she needs to get going.
                        Just heard Lambo's comment about lack of focus by the older girls, in a five game battle that is concerning.

                      • flyingMoose
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                        I have a somewhat different take than boyshocker regarding Tabitha.

                        Unfortunately, I know nothing about volleyball - sets that do not fit her hitting style, blocking schemes she faces, the extra effort being a six-row player ... the list could go on. But my summary response is, She needs to live up to her press.

                        I understand that is possibly a gross over-simplification of volleyball facets that are beyond my powers of observation, but ...

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                      In one respect Lambo was very proud of his team but concerned about the lack of focus on his most experienced players (Tabitha and Alex - not Kali). Specifically missing some assignments. Liked it that the younger players are starting to hold the more experienced players accountable.

                      Super proud of Giorgia, Megan and Kali.

                      We had our chances but just couldn't finish.


                      • flyingMoose
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                        Also, Brooke started off well, but Tulsa made blocking adjustments. Brooke does not have a real powerful arm and (as with a lot of young players) will need to learn to (do something technical I did not quite understand).

                        There - that should be clear as a bell. :)

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                      Some more from the VT poster-

                      Wichita State loses on the road against Tulsa. This wasn't a big upset - Wichita State was a 56% favorite. Wichita State won the 1st set 41-39 - then lose the 5th set 17-19. Wichita State is probably trying to be a 3rd team from the AAC to make the tournament - but at 7-7 and no top 50 wins, they are going to have to make good on their chances against UCF and Cincy.


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                        Sunday Scores

                        UCF 3-0 Memphis
                        18 14 18

                        Houston 0-3 Cincinnati
                        16 17 8

                        SMU 1-3 ECU
                        21 (16) 23 18

                        UConn 3-1 Temple
                        23 (25) 22 16

                        USF 3-0 Tulane
                        23 21 25

                        UCF, Cincinnati and Tulsa are undefeated after two weekends.