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  • Bluejay Challenge

    The Shockers (4-2) head to Omaha this weekend for a Saturday match with Iowa State at 4:00 pm and a Sunday match with host Creighton at 2:00 pm. This is the 3rd year of this threesome challenge with Iowa State hosting in 2016 and the Shockers hosting in 2017. Hopefully, these teams will all be open to continuing this arrangement going forward.

    This past weekend in Provo was certainly jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Perhaps this weekend might be getting back in the frying pan but the difference in the level of heat will only be a matter of a few degrees.

    RV #26 Iowa State is 5-2 with wins Ole MIss and Virginia at home, a road win at RV#27 UNI and wins over Gonzaga and host Montana this past weekend. There losses are to RV#34 Oregon State at home and a loss to #21 Utah in Montana's tournament.

    #14 Creighton is 4-2 with wins over #5 Kentucky in LA and sweeps over Arkansas State, North Carolina State and SMU this past weekend in Dallas. Losses are to RV#27 Northern Iowa in LA and at #10 USC.

    Creighton plays #7 ranked Nebraska on Thursday evening and they play Iowa State on Friday evening.

    Clearly the Shockers will be the underdog in both matches this weekend buy the do have some time to hit the gym this week which they really need. I assume they will drive up to Omaha on Saturday so they can get 4 good days of practice in between now and then.

    An 0-2 weekend would not be a big surprise. A 1-1 weekend would be more than satisfactory and a 2-0 weekend would certainly exceed even my most optimistic expectations but it is not totally out of the realm of possibilities.


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    NC State beat VCU at home 3-2. Creighton swept NCState in 3 tough sets. Our plate is full.


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      Better to feast on a full plate than starve at an empty table


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        These two stories have quotes from Coach Booth about the Bluejay Invite and one about the Shockers specifically. (Also info about SMU.)

        The all-time series between WSU and CU is tied at 23, coming in.
        My prediction? Creighton takes Nebraska to 5 tonight, with a 50% chance of victory. The in-state rivalry drains the Jays physically and emotionally. The Jays come out flat against an improved Iowa State squad on Friday. They drop the first set, something they can’t afford to do, and lose in four. Wichita plays a tired Iowa State on Saturday and extends the game to 5. Creighton comes back on Sunday with one or two losses on the weekend already, is rested and ticked about losing as well as remembering the loss to Wichita last year, and sweeps the Shockers who are still tired from Saturday.

        What do you all predict?


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          Thanks for the links.

        • 1972Shocker
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          I don't think at this point the Shocks are quite ready to sustain the level of performance needed to beat either Iowa State or Creighton. My expectations are that the Shocks will go 0-2 this week. I just hope the Shocks show signs of some growth and development this weekend. Winning a couple of sets would be a good sign of that but even that will be a challenge.
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        The link for the Nebraska at Creighton free video


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          #7 Nebraska 3-2 #14 Creighton
          (22) (19) 18 22 10


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            14,022 in attendance at this match.

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          Originally posted by JayPak View Post
          My prediction? Creighton takes Nebraska to 5 tonight, with a 50% chance of victory.

          No offense, but I hope the rest of your weekend's prognostications aren't quite as spot on.


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            Shocker match notes for this weekend.

            Shocks 0-9-1 all time against Iowa State (Lambo is 0-4). JayPak reported that the Shocker-Creighton series is tied at 23-all time but the Shocks report it at 23-25 in favor of Creighton (Lambo is 17-16). Creighton has won 13 of 20 played in Omaha.

            I wonder what the status of Regan Stiawalt is for this weekend. Tough competition to start your career against coming off an injury. Regan played a little bit in the 3rd set against BYU last Saturday but was not very effective or productive.


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              RV26 Iowa State 1-3 #14 Creighton
              (22) 24 22 16

              The Jays were down 11-18 in the second set before coming back for the win. Creighton was in no great danger for the rest of the match.


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                Shockers v Iowa State

                The Cyclones are RV26 while the Shocks are RV31T.

                Pre-Match Comments

                Fm Mike: Shockers have never won against Iowa State.

                Fm Chris: Although all three of the schools here tried to get a fourth team when they hosted in this series, none of them could ever make it happen

                Regan is still not 100%. Because of the number of substitutions available and the Shocks running a 6-2, you almost are required to put a lineup on the floor and go with it. Thus until, she is fully ready to go, she has to wait for a blowout where subs are not an issue.

                Brooke with her broken pinkie is waiting for clearance from the doctors. Even after that, the possibility of a red-shirt is there.

                There was time this past week for a couple of hard practices. Felt that that made some progress with the defense and the middles. Still want to add some things for Tabitha and Megan.

                Last night: Once Creighton started being "old and big," Iowa State struggled. They are better than they showed last night.


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                  Set One

                  Even with the pre-match comments, Regan is starting.

                  Video with Mike's voice.

                  Kora is the second setter.


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                    After falling behind 2-6, the Shocks take their first lead, 12-11.

                    Back and forth after that.

                    14-17 and the Shockers take a TO.

                    .321 v .429 at this point.


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                      Two bad service receptions by Kara and another TO at 14-20. A six-point run by the Cyclones. Shades of BYU.

                      ISU continues to pick on Kara to move to 14-22 before a service error.


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                        17-25 after 14-14 as the Cyclones take the first set.

                        .200 v .386

                        Four kills for Megan, three for Regan


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                          Shocks looking over-matched at this point. Hopefully, Lambo has some adjustments that can help.
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