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Shocker Non-Con Opponents Results 2018

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    West Virginia won a 5-set match over FGCU tonight in Ft. Myers that defies the overall match statistics. FGCU outscored WVU 114 to 91. FGCU hit .213 to .073 for WVU and had 67 kills to 40 for WVU. FGCU recorded 97 digs to 74 for WVU and had a 64.4% sideout % to 51.3% for WVU.

    The set scores kind of tell the story of how this could happen. WVU by scores of 29-27, 11-25, 26-24, 10-25 and 15-13. A consistent, sustatined effort it wasn't but it counts as 1 win the same way a dominating sweep would.

    However, not expecting WVU to have much success in the Big 12 this year.
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      Please accept my apologies and don’t take this the wrong way. A lot of people make this mistake and I definitely am not the grammar police and with a computer make a lot of spelling mistakes, etc. However, for some reason, it bothers me when accidentally misused so if your autocorrect on your computer took over, just ignore me.

      These terms are not interchangeable.

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    #4 Stanford knocked of #1 Minnesota at home today 25-23, 23-25, 25-17 and 25-23.

    With Creighton's 3-1 win over the Shockers today the winning percentage of the Shocks' non-conference opponents moves to 65.3% (66-35).


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      BYU has moved into the top spot in the AVCA rankings followed by Stanford.

      Creighton has moved up to #10

      Cal Poly has moved up to #14

      Iowa State remains at RV#26.

      The Shocks only received 6 votes which is just inside the Top 40 vote getters. Cincinnati received 10 votes. UCF not listed.


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        Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
        The Shocks only received 6 votes which is just inside the Top 40 vote getters.
        The Shocks were #23 on the Louisiana-Lafayette ballot and #25 on the ballots of Stephen F Austin, Arkansas, and UTEP.


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          Thanks for all the updates folks, especially 1972Shocker and flyingMoose you guys are the best, and I really appreciate it.


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            I think this goes in this thread.

            I am watching a little of Samford at Alabama on the SEC Network+.

            A lady in the stands is wearing a t-shirt that reads



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              Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
              ... the winning percentage of the Shocks' non-conference opponents moves to 65.3% (66-35).
              Hmm. I have 66-37 for 64.1%.

              I double-checked and have these number of losses in order of the Shocker schedule:


              Do I have an error in there somewhere?


              • 1972Shocker
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                Probably not. I added them in my head. I looked at them again and agree with your totals.
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              VCU was swept by Virginia Tech tonight 16, 18 and 21.

              Stephen F. Austin defeated Rice tonight 3-1 by scores of 25-22, 21-25,30-28, and 26-24.


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                Texas 0-3 Stanford
                15 22 30(not a typo)

                The play again on Friday in Austin.
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                  #24 Utah 0-3 #1 BYU
                  20 14 17

                  RJP was 13-4-27 for .333


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                    Good RPI win for Iowa State, got a home sweep of 8-1 Wyoming.


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                      Not surprisingly the VCU Invitational was cancelled this weekend. VCU had matches with Virginia, Toledo and South Carolina. Hope everyone there can stay safe and sound.


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                        Stanford picks up its 2nd consecutive win over #3 Texas this time a 3-1 win in Austin.


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                          Non-Con Opponent Records Through Sunday, September 16th (this weeks results):

                          James Madison 8-2 (beat Loyola-MD 3-1, beat UMBC 3-1, beat Robert Morris 3-0)
                          Howard 5-8 (lost to #5 Penn State 0-3, lost to American 0-3, lost to Buffalo 1-3)
                          VCU 4-7 (VCU Invitational including matches with Virginia, Toledo and South Carolina cancelled due to Hurricane Florence)
                          West Virginia 7-5 (beat Morehead State 3-2, beat Penn 3-0, beat Wake Forest 3-1)
                          #2 Stanford 8-1 (beat #3 Texas 3-0, beat #3 Texas 3-1)
                          #1 BYU 10-0 (beat #24 Utah 3-0, beat Weber State 3-0)
                          RV#26 Iowa State 7-6 (beat RV#33 Wyoming 3-0, lost to Iowa 1-3, lost to Syracuse 2-3)
                          #10 Creighton 8-4 (beat Lipscomb 3-0, beat RV#27 UNI 3-0, lost to #8 Illinois 1-3)
                          Stephen F. Austin 13-2 (beat Rice 3-1, beat Wichita State 3-1, beat North Texas 3-2, beat Mississippi State 3-0)
                          North Texas 4-11 (beat Mississippi State 3-2, lost to Wichita State 0-3, lost to Stehphen F. Austin 2-3, lost to Cal Poly 0-3)
                          #14 Cal Poly 10-1 (beat Mississippi State 3-0, beat Wichita State 3-1, beat North Texas 3-0)

                          Overall Record: 84-47 (64.1%)

                          We need Howard, VCU and North Texas to pick it up in conference play. North Texas played Stephen F. Austin and Cal Poly tough this weekend.

                          West Virginia not likely to win many matches in Big 12 play as they were picked to finish in last place in the Big 12 but losses will be to high RPI teams.

                          The non-con schedule is doing its job so far. Did the Shocks do enough in the non-con and will they do enough in AAC play for it to count? Will find out. The matches I would like to have back would be Iowa State and Stephen F. Austin.


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                            The overall record of the non-conference opponents through Sunday, September 23, is now 104-52 (66.7%) led by BYU (12-0), Cal Poly (13-1), Stanford (10-1), SFA (14-2), and James Madison (11-3).

                            The individual match results this past week a la 1972Shocker as given above will have to wait on him. :)