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2017 NIVC

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  • 2017 NIVC

    New this year is a post-season tournament for 64 non-qualifiers, something similar to the WNIT in basketball.

    Tuesday matches of interest

    Campbell v Temple at West Virginia
    UNC Greensboro v UCF at Georgia

    Thursday matches of interest

    IUPUI v Illinois State at Green Bay
    Texas Tech v SMU at Texas State
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    Question: Has volleyball now overtaken women's basketball as the No. 1 women's sport at the college level?

    I think a good case could be made that it has. Seems to me like there is much more parity in women's volleyball than in women's basketball and more and more really good female athletes are opting for the volleyball court over the basketball court. There are a lot of very good women basketball players but perhaps not a deep enough talent pool to ever create much more parity than we have and the growth of volleyball certainly is not helping that situation. There seems to be a much deeper pool of good volleyball players. But these are just my general impressions and not sure I could come up with any hard evidence to support these impressions are not at a national level.

    I will say that from my own perspective I find women's volleyball much more entertaining than women's basketball and if I was forced to choose one over the other I would pick volleyball. Now if the Shocks had women's basketball team like UConn maybe I would feel differently although after a while that can get old if winning comes so easily and by such large margins. Ho-hum UConn just edged Michagan State 96-62. Sort of like the Globetrotters against the Washington Generals.


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      Temple thrashes Campbell, 3-0
      18 9 16

      In a little tighter match, UCF 3-0 over UNC-Greensboro
      19 18 22


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        FWIW, which may not be much, Campbell was the 3rd place team in the Big South (Radford's conference). Radford beat Campbell in both meetings this year 3-1.


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          On Wednesday, Temple faces West Virginia who defeated UM-Eastern Shore by 3-0. Also on Wednesday, UCF plays Georgia who dispatched Alabama A&M by the same 3-0.


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            West Virginia 3-0 v Temple
            23 18 12

            Georgia 3-0 v UCF
            17 21 17
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              Close but,

              Texas Tech 3-0 v SMU at Texas State
              24 23 20


              Illinois State 3-0 v IUPUI at Green Bay
              18 12 16


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                Green Bay 3-1 v Illinois State
                23 19 (18) 24

                With this match, the "teams of interest" have been eliminated from the NIVC.


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                  Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
                  Green Bay 3-1 v Illinois State
                  23 19 (18) 24

                  With this match, the "teams of interest" have been eliminated from the NIVC.
                  There was a whopping 175 in attendance at that match, according to the box score.
                  I mean, I could see that sort of attendance with a neutral site match, but it was at Green Bay and they only drew 175??


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                    Makes you wonder if the NIVC will be around very long.

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                  The last four standing are Texas Tech at TCU (Thursday) and West Virginia at Ole MIss (Saturday). The Championship match is next Tuesday.

                  This is a revival of the tournament after a six-year run from 1989-1995. That is actually seven years, but their site says six.


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                    Texas Tech 3-1 TCU
                    The Red Raiders won all three matchups of the season.


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                      The other semi-final

                      Ole Miss 3-0 v West Virginia

                      The Championship

                      Ole Miss 3-0 v Texas Tech

                      The Rebels played all five of their matches on their home court, losing only one set.