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Shocks vs Western Kentucky

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  • Shocks vs Western Kentucky

    Coach Lamb was on the Weekly Shocker Report TV show last night.

    He said Abby Harsh's back was really bothering her agianst Illinois State and that she really never was able to get loose in that match (probably why Lambo was in such a sour mood after the match). He said he thought she would be fine this weekend. Let's hope so.

    Western Kentucky does have an All-American middle who Lambo said was very highly recruited on a national basis but chose to stay at home.

    He said Western Kentucky is comparable to Creighton or UNI in the way they play and would be a top 5 team in the MVC.

    Lambo said he was very happy that Sara was MVC Player of the Year. He said he thought Emily was the POY for the 1st half of the year and Sara came on strong in the 2nd half of the year. He said he made a strong pitch for Abby as POY, but setters rarely are selected as POY.

    He commented that Sara and Abby lead the Shocks to an MVC Championship, winning by 3 games in perhaps the strongest year ever for MVC Volleyball.

    Regarding Nebraska, he said basically they are in another world talent and skill wise. He said the Top 4 teams in the Country are pretty much separated from the rest, but there is not that much difference from #5 through #30.

    Didn't say whether or not he thought the Shocks had any chance against Nebraska, but he didn't complain about facing them either. Said it would be a great experience for his team.

    If the Shock can beat Western Kentucky, the match against Nebraska on Saturday will be televised on Kansas Cox 22.

    osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:

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    Live scoreboard/stats can be found here:


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      Obviously there is not a lot of excitement on the board about only the 2nd appearance in the big dance for the Lady Shockers.

      I, for one, am totally stoked but frustrated with the seeding and start time but nevertheless, am waiting with anticipation of the start.

      I think the Ladies will be sharp as a tack today and (hopefully) make quick work of WKU so they can rest and prepare for N.

      I know if we get there it will be a long shot but I still think we have a shot. Anybody want to fire up the G4 for the sweet 16 in Madtown?

      :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu:

      :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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        I hear ya. I'm surprised by the lack of discussion.

        With the basketball game last night, CNN debate on Wednesday and my newly found enthusiasm for a candidate, I've been a little distracted from volleyball.

        But today is the day for NCAA win #2.



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          I like the work Ted Woodward does for WSU and I love his impressions (if you haven't heard some of them, he is terrific) but it's going to be great getting Mike back for the game.

          :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu:

          It doesn't feel quite like it did just before the Seton Hall game......but it's close!!!!!

          :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu:


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            Abby was ill up vomiting during the night and with mirgaine headaches.
            May or may not be ready to go today.

            Is feeling a little better but whether or not she can go will be a match time decision apparently.

            If Abby can't go Lambo said he will probably go with a 6-2 offense with Melissa Granville and Kaitlyn Anderson sharing serving duites.



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              Potential disaster as Abbey is sick and Stephanie's feet are bothering here yet again.

              Game time decision but even if they play neither will be anywhere near full strength.

              Lambo says we'll go to a 6-2 with Amanda and Katylyn Anderson and Melissa Granville and find a way to make it work.

              What a tragedy for the Senior......hopefully she can make it through.....we'll see in a bit.

              :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu:


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                Perhaps '72 and I will just call each other and chat.


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                  Originally posted by WuDrWu
                  Perhaps '72 and I will just call each other and chat.
                  I'll be too nervous.


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                    I'm here! For awhile, until I leave work, anyway. Then it'll be the radio only for me.


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                      Abby Harsh will be in the starting lineup.


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                        I was so excited for the ladies (especially Sara and Abbey) that I am now just sick.


                        Emily Stockman
                        Sara Lungren
                        Abbey Harsh
                        Stephanie Tokarz
                        Melissa Granville
                        Angela Jakubov

                        Now I'm on full steam......

                        LET'S GO SHOCKERS!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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                          I can't get the gametracker working. Is it working for anyone else?


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                            It's there. It just doesn't show that it's started yet.

                            For those listening, has the match started?


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                              4-2 good gals behind 2 Stockman aces.

                              5-2 SK with the kill