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Bryan Sherrer - Committed to South Alabama

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  • Bryan Sherrer - Committed to South Alabama

    6'0", 200 lb. PG from Three Rivers CC.

    According to a TRCC fan at JucoJunction, we are looking at him.

    He has scored 13 and 24 points in TRCC's two tournament victories thus far. In all, he's 14/17 from the FT line.

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    I like his nickname - "Big Time"
    I also like his size.

    P.S. Damn, that's the largest Polo logo I've ever seen.
    "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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      Season numbers (NJCAA tourney not included):

      13.1 pts (2nd on the team, where 5 players avg double-digits)
      3.81 rebs
      4.8 assists
      2.6 turnovers
      49% FG
      42.3% 3FG (22/52)
      86.8% FT (158/182)
      1.1 steals

      Based on his FT numbers (nearly 6 attempts per game), it looks like he can get to the rim.

      In the three playoff games leading to the national tournament, he averaged 18.7 points, 6.3 assists and 3 turnovers.


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        I also noticed that his major is Business Admin. That could make WSU look particularly appealling to him.


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          A TRCC fan's description of Sherrer:

          Sherrer's strength is....well.... his strength! He's far from being the quick, jittery waterbug type. He's more about economy of motion. He will show good bursts of speed from time to time, however.

          He has a very strong upper body which he uses well at both ends and he is very strong with the ball. He keeps his dribble low to the ground and protects the ball well from the defender with his body. He doesn't blow by folks to get to the hoop but rather he muscles and wills himself there. I would consider him more of a scoring PG by nature, yet he's still unselfish. He will put the offense on his shoulders if needed. Much of his game is predicated on drawing contact. He's an outstanding free throw shooter. He doesn't attempt a lot of 3's, but he's got a capable stroke from beyond the arc. He's very effective at backing the defender down, then knocking down the fadeaway jumper.

          Above all, he is CLUTCH!


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            Range to 55 feet:

            I would say he shoots the 3 pretty well at 42%
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            -John Wooden


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              I'll save RDR a post......

              I like the FT shooting, we could certainly use that next year.


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                A guard shooting 49% (42% on less than 2 3PT FG attempts a game) tells me he either has excellent shot selection or gets a lot of layups.


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                  its a win win Royal ahaha


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                    He sounds like a player and one I wouldn't mind having on our side!
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                      Was Juco All Region player of the year


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                        Would you rather have Anthony or Bryan as our backup?


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                          Sounds pretty good, good stats, and coming on in Post season play. He definately is not skinny at 6'0" and 200. Notice how his assist ratio has gone up in Post season play.

                          Sounds like a pretty solid PG who can hit the shot pretty good.


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                            Originally posted by Hotel Paper
                            Would you rather have Anthony or Bryan as our backup?
                            I haven't seen Sherrer play. But after seeing Brock today, he'd be just fine. In fact, if he were to join Hannah as a Shocker, I'd start Brock at PG and Clevin at SG (though I haven't seen him in a system where the SG comes off of screens for shots).

                            Brock is basically a Boo Richardson (ISU red) clone.

                            But this Sherrer sounds like a player. And I like the idea of having a PG with his strength. The next few weeks may be intersting.


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                              Originally posted by wushock
                              Was Juco All Region player of the year
                              Just to clarify, I think he was co-POY for Region 16. Still, that's quite an honor. Missouri has a pretty good juco league, too.