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Pavol Losonsky

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  • Pavol Losonsky

    We are apparently interested in this 6-8 PF from Slovakia. Class of '09. He put up big numbers with Butte College (Juco), in Oroville CA this year as a freshman. If you google him there is a bunch on him in his home language if you can read it. He is suppose to be a very talented international player. Rivals has him listed at 280 lbs but his school site says 230 lbs. In the team picture, 230 looks closer.

    If somebody has a Juco Junction subscription, please check out the details.
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    Rivals only has us and 0U listed at the moment. I would like to find out more on this kid.
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      News about Pavol Losonsky:

      After Butte bolted out to 46-38 edge on two Pavol Losonsky free throws with 17:41 left, the Cougars came within three points of overtaking the Roadrunners at three different stages. But Butte made all 16 of its free throws in the second half, including eight in the final three minutes, when Lassen's deficit began drifting further off.

      Losonsky had 23 points for Butte and was also a defensive presence who helped limit Lassen's Jordan Stokes, a sleek forward averaging a conference-best 21 points per game, to 16 on the night.


      Martin finished with 12 points while adding three 3s to his team-leading total, point guards Donovan Plunkett (15 points) and Tyree Haynie (17 points) also had big offensive efforts, and forward Pavol Losonsky had a team-high 20 points for Butte. The Roadrunners will try to strengthen their bid for an at-large berth in the Northern California regional playoffs at home Saturday against GVC leader Lassen.


      Butte’s hot shooting night, abandoned them in the second half, and after the ejections and Lassen’s zone defense, the Roadrunners were left trying to find a way to score. Fortunately for the Roadrunners, Losonsky had 30 points and was the only one in the second half who was able to score for Butte.


      Evidently he can put points on the board.


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        I hope it's closer to 230, but looks like a player we should be watching.


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          Are you sure the 280 was a pound measurement and not some other type of measurement. International countries don't all conform to our measurement standards, you know!


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            If it were Kilos he'd only be about 125lbs. He has either lost weight, is taller than listed, or it was mis-printed.
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              Isn't a kilo, two point something pounds? I think he'd be a 600 pounder if he weighed 280 kilso.

              Bigger than Paul Wight!!
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                Sorry, you're right. I inverted the equation. A Kilo is 2.2 lbs, which would make him 616 lbs
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                  By his team picture, his weight doesn't appear to be a problem.
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                    Losonsky was named first team Golden Valley Conference. He finished third in the conference in FG percentage (55%) and fifth in scoring at just under 17 ppg.



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                      Is he any relation to Pavel Shotsky, the former center for top contender, Eurasia?

                      If anyone gets that, I'll give them 2 tickets to the ASU game.


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                        I suppose you are the type of stickler guy that wants proof and that a simple "Yes or No" won't qualify?


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                          That quote references something and if you can at least get close I'll be happy to give you the credit and the prize.

                          I have to be the one defining close, but trust me, I'll know it if someone says it or something close.

                          The tickets are burning a whole in my pocket folks.


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                            I can start with the clues if you all need a booster chair and aren't ready for the adult table. ;-)


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                              Going into the Jerry Mullin's JUCO 120 elite Camp, all of Losonsky's recruitment has been preliminary interest only. No information on how he did at the camp.

                              He has been selected as an addition to the Slovakia National Under-21 roster.
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