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  • DaVell Jackson

    6'1, 175 PG from Salt Lake CC (UT). Averaged 13.5 ppg, 4 rpg, 3.3 apg. 72% FT, 52% FG. Not a 3 point shooter.

    Listed as one of best JUCO PG's available on Hoopmasters. Team will be playing in Hutch after knocking off College of Southern Idaho (home of WSU recruits Terry Fields and Joey Shaw). Jackson had 31 points in the game and was awarded Region 18 Player of the Year.

    Schools listed include Louisiana-Monroe, UNLV, and New Mexico State. List will grow as he is expected to make a big splash in Hutch.

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    Downtown- Am I correct that we do not know that WSU is recruiting him at the present?

    Jackson will be playing against another well regarded Juco point guard in the opening round, Devin Dumes of Vincennis. He is also unsigned and has interest from the likes of UAB, Virginia and SIU.
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      That is correct. The assumption was made in the article that Higher Mids and Lower High majors would be actively recruiting him. Stopped short of saying Wichita State, but did talk about how aggressive a defender he is, how smart he is with the basketball, and how tough he plays going into the land of the trees without fear.

      They seemed to describe what Coach is looking for to a T, and I would wager quite a bit that he is on Coach's list to check out.

      There are others that are talked about, but none that stand out as someone that we would be looking at.

      This kid, however, does.


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        Won his first game of the tournament against Vincennes.

        13 pts, 7 rebs, 4 assists, 6 turnovers.


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          And the above mentioned Devon Dumes had 21 points, 1 assist and 4 TOs.
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            I've noticed that the juco PGs on our radar (either officially or just casual fan interest) have a lot of turnovers. Bobby Maze's turnovers were pretty high. Though he had crazy assist numbers making his ratio look good.


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              For some reason, a PG that can't shoot the 3 just bothers me, especially when Matt was one of our 3 point leaders on the team.


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                We need some makers.


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                  I think I heard about this one PG who makes a good share of his 3-pointers. A kid named Kevin Manna. Or is it Devon Tanana?

                  Something like that. First name rhymes with Clevin, last name rhymes with Hannah.


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                    Yes, makers are very nice. But if you have a 2, 3. and 4 that can shoot and make the 3, a PG that can get penetration and finish or kick can be extremely valuable.


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                      Drive and dish

                      Someone like Emmenecker, perhaps, Downtown?

                      It's better to have a PG who can hit the three than not -- but life doesn't necessarily come to an end without one. On the other hand, who are WSU's proven 3-point makers for next year? Personally, I'm glad they'll have someone like Hannah, who averaged 39% on over four 3-point attempts per game and who has shown the ability to get really hot at times.


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                        Originally posted by Snapshot9
                        For some reason, a PG that can't shoot the 3 just bothers me, especially when Matt was one of our 3 point leaders on the team.
                        Our bigger problem this year was lacking a shooting guard who could hit the 3.
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                          Made NJCAA all tournament team
                          "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability."
                          -John Wooden


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                            I know we are looking at Pg's, but I wonder if they took a look at this 6'9" Power Forward, Nikola Kecman, from Eastern Arizona on the all tournament team.


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                              Kecman is a freshman from Serbia. He has yet to be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse so it is unknown if he can transfer to Division 1 next year. Iowa is on him pretty hard. No new recruiting news since the tournament on him. That's not surprising since most schools probably want to pursue somebody they know will be eligible to play next year.

                              There has not been any recruiting news on Devell Jackson either. Probably due to similar reasons since he was not a qualifier out of high school and there is talk of him being behind academically in Juco.

                              Devon Dumes was also mentioned in this thread and there is lots of news about him. An Ohio State board reports the Buckeyes have offered and he has narrowed his choices to Ohio State, UTEP, Colorado, Alabama and Arkansas. Multiple sources do not mention WSU in his recruitment.
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