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Jarrod West 5'11 PG Marshall Grad-Transfer to Louisville

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  • Jarrod West 5'11 PG Marshall Grad-Transfer to Louisville

    Jarrod West is a 5'11 point guard from Clarksburg, WV and has already graduated from Marshall. Other interested schools; Louisville, Pitt, Florida, Georgetown, Ohio State, Texas, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, and Duquesne.

    Jarrod West Stats | ESPN

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    He’s above 40% from the field in his career. Career 38% from three, has two years above 40% and his worst year was 33%. That’s on almost five attempts per game.

    Close to a 3/1 turnover ratio for his career. Two steals a game.

    Only attempts two FT’s per game and never had a year more than three per game. Oddly doesn’t shoot it that well from the line, pretty consistently around 67% with his best year at 73%.

    Of course there is always the question of his on ball and help defense. Hard to say much about that without watching a few of his games. I do like the steals.

    On paper West looks like he could be an upgrade over Gilbert. Much better shooter, which to me is the biggest thing that holds back Gilbert. Gilbert averages slightly more assists but slightly more turnovers as well.

    If the kid from Northern Arizona is a pipe dream (it doesn’t appear we’re actually recruiting him based on SN) I would sign this guy up in a heart beat. It would help the offense a ton to have a PG who is also a more consistent shooter.


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      Interesting quote on Wichita State

      Marshall grad transfer Jarrod West says he's looking to commit 'sooner rather than later' | Zagsblog


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        Yeah, he won't come here if AG comes back, and we don't offer if AG is returning


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            So he already talked to WSU coaches and they offered according to the article. Now they are meeting (again?) tonight. I'm sold on him and it sounds like our staff is making him the top priority.


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              Interesting to compare Jarrod West with Alterique Gilbert. The numbers suggest West would be a pretty significant upgrade on both sides of the ball.


              Gilbert: ichita%20St.


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                I mean, Trevin was a PG.

                So they could mean him.


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                  GET THIS GUY!!!


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                    Originally posted by pie n eye View Post
                    GET THIS GUY!!!
                    ...but if not I’m sure there will be others. Not sure he’s the missing piece to get us to a national championship but can any those other teams make the case they’re closer than us?


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                      Many of us have said we need an upgrade at PG, and this guy would be that. Still need to go find a young PG as well, but this guy would be an immediate fix at that position.
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                        AG is just a glorified street basketball player. He has amazing dribbling skill, poor shooter, poor recognition skills. With that said he is currently our best option for next year if he is to return. He has just enough skill better than we have had since FVV. I pray for a PG that is team first and has skill to back it up.


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                          Bart Torvik lists West as the best pure PG available on the transfer market. He's literally the only Pure PG on the transfer market that has a 110+ ORtg and played more than 50% of his team's minutes.

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                            Originally posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
                            Bart Torvik lists West as the best pure PG available on the transfer market. He's literally the only Pure PG on the transfer market that has a 110+ ORtg and played more than 50% of his team's minutes.

                            We are gonna see pretty quick how good IB is at landing recruits.

                            Not that losing out on this guy immediately says recruiting is gonna be a problem. Gregg missed out on players. But if he can land this guy, who is gonna be well sought after, that would be a nice feather in his cap this early in his career.
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                              I can't really get into this guy until we know what AG is doing. If I was the coaching staff I'd be pursuing him too, because really that's your only chance with someone who wants to make a decision in late March. The way his A/TO numbers have improved is impressive. His highlight reel doesn't jump off the page at me, but then again I don't think FVV's or Malcolm Armstead's would have either.