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Robert Bobroczkyi 7'7"

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  • Robert Bobroczkyi 7'7"

    From the same school Bilau attended.

    I hope we're not recruiting this guy. I doubt Rosenboom could turn him into a D1 body.

    I ran into him looking for info on Bilau. The guy is taller than Tacko Fall - it's the off season - we only have one schollie opening up for 2020 (so far) and this guy is such a freak I thought I may as well post his video.

    The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
    We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.

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    Even for the offseason this is dumb.
    "You Don't Have to Play a Perfect Game. Your Best is Good Enough."


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      "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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        If the guy was a boat mast he would provide no resistance to the wind.


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          That video might be the saddest thing I've ever seen.




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            I seldom agree with you but you are spot on here


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              Wow! What in the world??


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                He needs to put on about a hundred pounds. Also in the video, it looks like he has a vertical of zero.

                Of course at that height, he doesn't need much vertical.


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                  I will say he has a nice shooting stroke. How old is he? He probably grew so fast he couldn’t keep up the caloric intake needed.
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                  Wichita is going to the rich side of town with a pack of matches and a five gallon tank of gasoline and try to burn everything to the ground


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                    Looks to be a very promising prospect. This is him when he was 3 years old and was hanging out with the wide neck dude.


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                      He looks like he's made out of pipe cleaners.


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                      Sorry just don’t see it.


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                        It would be fun to have a guy called Bob Bob


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                          If I am his parent, I would be serving that kid MEAT.

                          Protein shakes every hour, mandatory.

                          Then MORE MEAT!!

                          Then donuts filled with bacon.

                          In fact, I'm gonna go get me a bacon-filled donut right now.
                          Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."


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                            For solidarity, right?

                          • Kung Wu
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                            For solidarity.

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                          Here is an article on Rob Bob from 3.5 years ago when he was a 7-6 15 year old. Doesn't look like the efforts to put some weight on him have been very successful.