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Trey Wade 6'7 F 2019 JUCO a Shocker!

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  • Trey Wade 6'7 F 2019 JUCO a Shocker!

    Don't have anything official, but shoxlax and I believe Wichita State is actively recruiting 6'7 forward Trey Wade from Marietta, Georgia. Trey is currently a sophomore at South Plains CC in Texas. Trey played his freshman season at UTEP, averaging 7 points and 4 rebounds while shooting a respectable 35% from three and 48% from the field. Currently averages 14 points and 7 rebounds for a very good South Plains that has multiple D1 prospects and is #2 at the NJCAA tournament. South Plains defeated Trinity Valley (Jaime Echenique's old stomping grounds) last night 82-75 and will face Eastern Florida State in the quarterfinals tomorrow at 1 PM.

    (from freshman season at UTEP)

    Highlights from last night at NJCAA tournament:

    UTEP bio:
    UTEP stats:
    NJCAA stats:

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    #23 on this 2019 list of top 100 juco recruits.


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      South Plains lost in the semis, as did Coffeyville. Finals are Vincennes vs Ranger, Tx.


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        Glad to see he reversed his FT percentage this season -- 8-24 at UTEP, this year basically up to 2/3 makes instead of misses. Maybe the altitude in El Paso threw off his shot.


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          Not one of his better games Friday night in a semifinal loss; a little birdie told me Lou Gudino attended the game.

          "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


          • homegrownshocker
            homegrownshocker commented
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            Every player has tough games during their career. Young man is a good shooter with great balance when shooting the basketball. He or Ntambwe (UNLV) transfer would be welcome additions to the 4/3 position.

          • WstateU
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            He’s got the build... a solid frame.

          • WstateU
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            It might be best that he didn’t have a better semi-final game; less fisherman. Again, he is built like a brick $hithouse.

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          And there's the offer.


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            Based off his Twitter, WSU seems to be the outlier in teams that have offered him (so far).


            • 1972Shocker
              1972Shocker commented
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              He has offers from Seton Hall and UAB.

              Otherwise, Alcorn State, Jacksonville State, North Carolina A&T, Georgia State, Troy, Towson, Eastern Michigan and Idaho.

            • Shock Top
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              UAB, Idaho, Troy, Towson, Jacksonville State, Eastern Michigan, Georgia State

              Tulane could get involved with Hunter coaching their now.

            • Shock Top
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              Seton Hall offer was for someone else. He was retweeting it.

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            I assume he would be a 4 in the Wichita State system and at this point that is a need. Would be competing with 6-5 So. Teddy Allen and 6-8 Fr. Antoni Gordon. Would give the Shockers a pretty nice Junior, Sophomore, Freshman ladder at the 4. How about a 3 headed monster at both the 5 and the 4 to go along with the corp of guards.

            But you never know what it is about any particular school that catches a player's fancy.


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              Anyone have a weight on this kid? Big enough to play the 4?


              • 1972Shocker
                1972Shocker commented
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                UTEP had him listed at 205 as a freshman. Teddy is listed at 6-5, 220 on the Shocker roster. I have seen DeAntoni listed at various weights the heaviest was at 195 on a 6-8 frame. Markis listed at 6-8, 218 this year. Markis was listed at 6-8, 185 as a freshman.

                Wade looks like he is petty well put together. Not especially thick, but not skinny either. Looks like he has a frame that could carry a little more weight.

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              I assume that with this offer, we prolly not confident of getting either of the 6'10" HS kids


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                Originally posted by pinstripers View Post
                I assume that with this offer, we prolly not confident of getting either of the 6'10" HS kids
                I don't think you can read anything into it. As we have seen most offers seem to be conditional. Just because he calls up tomorrow and says hey I want to commit doesn't mean 3G is ready to take him.


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                  There will always be more offers than scholarships available, pin.

                  For perspective, I just searched and located the 247Sports website for Alabama football, and it shows that to fill somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 scholarships for their next recruiting class, Bama has made 215 (!) offers. If true -- and I have no idea; I'm just going by what the site has published -- that's between eight and nine offers for every scholarship they'll be giving out. Needless to say, a high proportion of those players have already "committed" (in big-time college football recruiting, a "commitment" is always in quotation marks until the player is enrolled, the LOI is received, or both) to go elsewhere; but the offers have still been made.

                  Some of our SN recruiting gurus have tracked the number of Shocker basketball offers in any given season, and it also always exceeds the number of spots open. So don't assume too much about what an offer to a given player means about the status of recruiting as it relates to a different player. Working that stuff out is what coaches do.


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                    Here is Rivals list of WSU recruits for 2019, 2020 and 2021, fwiw.
                    Bryce McGowens 2021 G 3 6'4" 180 Piedmont, SC 66
                    Roman Wilson 2020 C 4 6'10" 215 Kansas City, MO
                    Chanse Robinson 2020 G 3 6'0" 165 Grambling, LA 129
                    Jahari Long 2020 G 3 6'2" 165 Houston , TX 140
                    Ty Berry 2020 G 3 6'4" 180 Newton, KS 126
                    Davion Bradford 2020 C 3 6'10" 240 St. Louis, MO 130
                    Josh Hall 2020 F 3 6'9" 190 Hickory, NC 139
                    L.J. Cryer 2020 G 4 6'0" 165 Katy, TX 82
                    Carson McCorkle 2020 G 3 6'3" 170 Greensboro, NC Virginia
                    Bryce Thompson 2020 G 4 6'4" 180 Tulsa, OK 59
                    D.J. Gordon 2020 F 3 6'5" 170 Pittsburgh, PA 148
                    Deivon Smith 2020 G 4 6'0" 165 Grayson, GA 51
                    De'Vion Harmon 2019 G 4 6'1" 190 Denton, TX 37 Oklahoma
                    Amari Davis 2019 G 3 6'3" 160 Trotwood, OH Green Bay
                    Al-Amir Dawes 2019 G 3 6'2" 170 Elizabeth, NJ 142 Clemson
                    Omar Payne 2019 C 4 6'9" 215 Montverde, FL 47 Florida
                    Damerius Wash 2019 G 3 6'4" 190 Wichita, KS
                    Kadary Richmond 2019 G 6'5" 165 Brooklyn, NY
                    DeAntoni Gordon 2019 F 3 6'8" 195 Mobile, AL Wichita State
                    Joe Toussaint 2019 G 3 5'10" 170 Bronx, NY Iowa
                    Issac McBride 2019 G 4 6'0" 180 Little Rock, AR 104 Kansas
                    James Bouknight 2019 G 4 6'4" 180 New York, NY 76 Connecticut
                    Noah Fernandes 2019 G 3 6'0" 170 Woodstock, CT Wichita State
                    Josaphat Bilau 2019 F 3 6'10" 235 Geneva, OH
                    Grant Sherfield 2019 G 4 6'2" 185 Bel Aire, KS 110
                    C.J. Walker 2019 F 5 6'7" 190 Sanford, FL 29 Oregon
                    KyKy Tandy 2019 G 4 6'1" 180 Hopkinsville, KY 103 Xavier
                    Kalib Boone 2019 F 4 6'8" 205 Tulsa, OK 128 Oklahoma State
                    Tyrell Jones 2019 G 4 6'1" 180 Orlando, FL 96 Auburn
                    Tony Johnson 2019 G 3 6'3" 205 Atlanta, GA UCF
                    Hunter Cattoor 2019 G 6'2" 185 Orlando, FL Wofford
                    Devin Butts 2019 G 3 6'5" 175 Macon, GA Mississippi St
                    Tremont Robinson 2019 G 6'1" 175 Garden City, KS East Carolina
                    Oton Jankovic 2019 F 3 6'9" 210 Montverde, FL
                    Tyson Etienne 2019 G 4 6'1" 180 Putnam, CT 121 Wichita State
                    Keylan Boone 2019 F 3 6'7" 195 Tulsa, OK Oklahoma State
                    Abdou Tsimbila 2019 C 3 6'8" 220 Hagerstown, MD Penn State
                    Jervay Green 2019 G 3 6'3" 195 Scottsbluff, NE Nebraska
                    Julian Rishwain 2019 F 3 6'5" 180 Sherman Oaks, CA Boston College
                    Micah Thomas 2019 G 3 6'0" 175 Oklahoma City, OK
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                      Does that imply offers, im4? It wouldn't surprise me, by the way.


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                        The last player we had from Marietta, Ga turned out pretty good.
                        Its a good landing if you can walk away, its a great landing if the plane can be reused the next day.