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Eddie Lampkin 6'9 C 2020 Offered

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    Eddie's video was either his 9th grade or Sophomore year so we are comparing apples to oranges. My point wasn't that Eddie was better than Shaq. Shaq had a lot of talent that took WSU coaches a lot of sweat to get out of him. Shaq redshirted and then took two years of sitting, and being suspended from trips, etc. for motivational purposes. He missed practice often. As a Junior, Shaq showed super improvement, and as a Senior, Shaq was the best in the AAC, and put out effort most days (I think I only heard HCGM call him out once for missing practices. There were very few bigs in the conference that could be compared to Shaq.

    My point is that Eddie at 15 (9th grade or 10th grade) looks very good, and imo, he stacks up physically with Shaq. How he stacks up to Shaq on his motivational qualities, and toughness, will be the answer to whether he contributes soon or needs to wait 3 years to be a solid everyday contributor.


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      ShaQ graduating in my opinion will be the biggest void on our team this coming year. The guy was a major presence on both ends of the court. And smart. Here's to hoping one our newbies are up to the task.
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        Shaq used 5 years of scholarship money in return for 1 to 2 years total of quality time on the court, if only things would have kicked in earlier. If and buts were....


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          I’m so glad 3G doesn’t entrust his recruiting acumen to the ShockerNet talent evaluation committee.
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            Originally posted by ShockdaWorld View Post
            I’m so glad 3G doesn’t entrust his recruiting acumen to the ShockerNet talent evaluation committee.
            Just to fill the 13 scholarships, there will be 3 recruits every year (round number). Throw in the 2 guys who transfer out every year and have to be replaced because they will never see the court, and you get 5 new recruits every year. That means that 2 out of every 5 of 3G's recruits don't make it. 2 recruits wash out every year.

            On top of that, many recruits who get "offers" end up at schools not any where near WSU's level of play. Neftali Alvarez (was that his name?) is the most recent example of this. Yeah, SN'ers are going to look at highlight videos, realize those are indeed highlights and show only the most positive aspects of a player's game and may express some concerns over that player's ability to prosper and succeed in the Shocker program.

            It's a message board. People post on message boards to express their opinions.
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              Correct. And you just quoted my opinion.

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            I did not know there would be math...………..