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Michael Wynn, 6'6" SG Offered

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    Some seem to forget how much injuries that result in a lot of time away can slow a player down. What should’ve been our 4 best perimeter defenders (Landry, Austin, Zach, and Duff) were all slowed by injuries last year. Give me those 4 guys with a full healthy year of conditioning and practice time, and we’d have been vastly improved over where we were last year. Austin and Duff will both be much better this year than last assuming they can stay healthy.
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      Excellent point, Shockda -- AAC opponents may be tougher than the guys WSU used to face in the Valley, but when the Shocks were in the Valley they were also much healthier in ways that affect quickness and mobility. Next year's guys will have lots of nuances to learn, but their physical tools will almost certainly be better than what we saw this past season simply by virtue of being closer to 100% physically (one hopes, anyway). And unlike this past season, the defense will probably get better as the year goes along and the team learns more and gets better at defensive execution.

      As to how that relates to Michael Wynn I haven't a clue, but it's a point to keep in mind.

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    Need to take into account that there is probably a little more upside to a healthy Reaves on both offense and defense. I think that even some of his mental lapses might have been partially due to his physical condition. We've never really had a healthy Reaves in his two years here.


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      Not sure what we’re discussing, but I like what I see of Michael Wynn. I like point guards, but I also like shooters; I think coach Marshall calls them “makers”. See Vilinova.
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