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  • Attendance Records

    I missed this article in the paper when it came out and only happened upon it this morning while looking for a story on Volleyball.

    I am curious if anyone can say they attended all of these events. The first thing that caught my eye was the WSU OSU game which I remember like it was yesterday. Oh for the days of football. The only one I wasn't there for was the basketball game, before my time. I've only been to 3 softball games ever and I think there was a promo with the UMKC game or something.

    Anyone have all 6?

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    Interesting question Doc. I can only claim 4. Baseball, Football, Volleyball and Women's Basketball.

    I was 12 for the Men's Basketball game vs Ohio State but no way could my parents afford such luxuries as tickets to College basketball games. I'm sure I listened to the game on the radio.

    I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I haven't been to a Shocker Softball game. I enjoy fast pitch softball and was heavily involved with it for about 10 years with my daughters. Just have never seemed to be able to work a game in. Hard to work everything in.

    The record crowd for Women's Basketball should probably be listed as another record for Jackie Stiles. We had two 10,000+ women's games in back-to-back years when Jackie visited Wichita. SMS would usually have a very large contingent of fans travelling with the team in those days. But the majority of those crowds were there to see Jackie, not the Shockers. I consider this record a little like Creighton claiming the large VB crowds in the Qwest Center when they are playing against or as part of a double header, no to mention the fact it is not their normal home court for Volleyball.


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      Pretty much all Arkansas attendance records have been set in the last 10 years since we have fairly new facilities. I've been part of the largest crowds for football, basketball, baseball, track (indoor and outdoor), gymnastics, softball, and women's basketball.


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        I attended all but the softball game


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          That Women's record also was part of a double header. IIRC, it went into OT and the men's game tickets got you into the women's as well, or was that the year before that this happened?