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2023-2024 Men's XC and T&F

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  • 2023-2024 Men's XC and T&F

    XC gets a new course closer to campus.


    Trends in leisure time handed Wichita State coach Kirk Hunter 95 acres from which to design a cross country course four miles from campus.

    Cross country coaches – also part naturalist, cartographer and trail-blazer – love this kind of challenge. After almost a year of dreaming and planning, the Shockers will enjoy a new home course at Clapp Park, starting with the JK Gold Classic on Sept. 2.

    "It's a sense of pride to make something that everybody is going to enjoy," Hunter said. "Something that is going to be used by thousands of athletes."

    With the number of golf rounds in decline at Clapp Park, the city of Wichita ended the park's use as a golf course in 2019. While it is home to an 18-hole disc golf course, runners of all ages use Clapp Park as a training ground.

    A year ago, Wichita State coaches saw the potential for Clapp Park to become a more prominent part of the area's running culture. Clapp Park, located at Harry and Oliver streets, replaces 4 Mile Creek Resort (formerly known as the RAFT Golf Course), located near Augusta.

    "It's a labor of love," said Steve Rainbolt, director of track and field and cross country. "You spend time traipsing around that property on foot. Making markings on topographical maps. Laying the thing out. Measuring it. And measuring it again. And measuring it again. With a wheel. On foot."

    In addition to Wichita State's use for training and meets, high schools and other colleges practice at Clapp and are interested in adding meets to the calendar. Troy Houtman, director of Wichita's Park & Recreation Department, said he expects Clapp to host meets ranging from junior high to high school to small college.

    "This idea of having a dedicated course in the middle of town seemed to work really well for everybody," he said. "It's a great location. Plenty of parking. It becomes a great resource for Wichita on a lot of levels."

    The plans started in the summer of 2022 when Rainbolt watched the Shockers work out at Clapp. The sight made him nostalgic for golf at Clapp, but he also saw the potential for cross country.

    "(Rainbolt) was standing out there, filming my kids, and said 'Why don't we run out here?" Hunter said.
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    I really like this idea for re-purposing Clapp Park:

    Clapp, a golf course from 1921-2019, is populated with prairies grasses, elm and willow trees. Its years as a golf course make the footing solid. Runners love the trees. There are enough slopes to make the course appropriately challenging.

    "Kirk Hunter is building what I really believe will end up being a step up for us in the way of a championship-level cross country course," Rainbolt said. "The property is absolutely beautiful. It's going to be very spectator friendly."


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      I wish we could also use Intrust for high level indoor track events.

      Banked track, national meets. That would be fantastic.


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        I have to say Birmingham hit it out of the park with their Crossplex facility.


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          It doesn't look like Josh Parrish will have any difficulty adjusting to the 42 inch hurdles in college.

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            75th Annual JK Gold Classic - Sept. 2, 2023

            Course Map

            The Shockers open the 2023 XC season at their hew home course, designed by Shocker XC Coach Kirk Hunter, at the former Clapp Golf Course.
            RACE SCHEDULE - 2023
            8:00 a.m. Varsity Girls 5000m (Medals to top 15 finishers)
            8:30 a.m. University/College Men 6000m (T-Shirts to top 15 finishers)
            9:00 a.m. University/College Women 5000m (T-Shirts to top 15 finishers)
            9:30 a.m. Varsity Boys 5000m (Medals to top 15 finishers)
            10:00 a.m. Awards Ceremony --- University/College
            10:00 a.m. JV Girls 5000m (Medals to top 15 finishers)
            10:40 a.m. JV Boys 5000m (Medals to top 15 finishers)
            11:15 a.m. Awards Ceremony – High School
            11:15 a.m. JV “C” 5000m race (if necessary)
            Top 15 individuals in university/college race to receive T-shirts
            Championship plaque to first place college teams – Men and Women,
            Top 15 individuals varsity/JV receive medals/Top two team plagues to varsity H.S. Boys and Girls

            Entry is $5 per person; free for WSU students.

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              I have seen several of these Welcome Back Shockers tweets on various sports on But all the others were 4 panel, still photos with no music.

              This one was a slide show with a musical ditty. I think they should have just posted the stills with not music. My immediate reaction was a flash back to that Drake University dance music video that was roundly ridiculed a number of years back. This may well be worse, although the athletes probably didn't know how this was going to be put together. Uhm, these are not kids starting kindergarten. Not even incoming freshmen.

              Others may have a different take on this.


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                  I was going to compare the two, but "It's all about the Drake, 'bout the Drake" video might have been 'scrubbed' from the internet by a Drake techie.
                  "First Day of School" is definitely corny...

                  "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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                    WstateU , you can just pretend they're saying Drake and not bass. Besides, this will have the opposite effect than what Drake did to the song.


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                      Originally posted by WstateU View Post
                      I was going to compare the two, but "It's all about the Drake, 'bout the Drake" video might have been 'scrubbed' from the internet by a Drake techie.
                      "First Day of School" is definitely corny...
                      Hopefully, the scrub brushes are on their way for this one.


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                        As of right now if looks like the Shocks may catch a little break in the weather for the JK Gold Classic's race a the new Clapp Park course.

                        Right now temps are projected to be 77 at 8:00 am Saturday warming to around 80 by the end of the collegiate races and look to be around 82-83 for the high school JV races with partly cloudy skies. However, the humidity looks like it could be a factor.


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                          I was a week early with my posting regarding the JK Gold Classic. That's coming up next Satruday. Forecasts, as of today, are that we will be back into the triple digits for the first 10 days of September.


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                            Meet Info
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                              Shockers Ready for Home Opener at Brand-New Course

                              The men's 6K race begins at 8:25 a.m. followed by the women's 5K at 8:45 a.m. For the full schedule including high school races, visit the home meet info page. The Shockers are set to race against Emporia State, Newman, Kansas Wesleyan, Friends, Mid-America Christian and Cowley.

                              "Every year, it's great to get everybody out there, have them starting to race again and just see where we really are," head coach Kirk Hunter said. "Practices are not the same as racing, so after this weekend a lot of questions will be answered, and we're going to know a lot about where we're headed this season."

                              "The course we ran on for my entire career here, I could tell you every inch of it, and I knew everything to tell anybody on that course," Hunter said. "This course, I know better than anybody, but I still don't know exactly how it's going to run because we haven't raced on it. I'm going to learn a lot about how this course races, how the athletes will adjust to it and how they need to move on different things. It's going to be fun to see the results and see how it plays out."

                              As with most season openers for the Shockers, Hunter will race a majority of the newcomers unattached before deciding whether to put them in uniform or redshirt the remainder of the season.

                              "I almost never race freshmen in uniform the first meet because it's a way to protect them and protect their season if anything goes wrong or they're not ready," Hunter said. "We get to gauge them a little bit without having to race them in uniform, and after this week is done, we will reevaluate and determine who will be in uniform for the season."

                              The Wichita State men return two all-conference runners for the 2023 season in Adrian Diaz Lopez and Trey Rios. The men added four freshman and three transfers, including Central Michigan transfer, Adam Rzentkowski.

                              Wichita State's men team is coming off a second-place finish in the conference meet. Adrian Diaz-Lopez finished ninth in the AAC meet last fall, second among the Shockers, with a time of 24:12.8 in the 8k race. Trey Rios placed 14th at 24:17.1.

                              "I'm impressed with the depth we have," Hunter said. "We have a group of 16 guys and probably 12-14 of them that could step in at any moment and be successful. I'm watching them on the workouts and they're inseparable."

                              The Shockers practiced twice at the course and Hunter is eager to see how the race unfolds.

                              "Even though I made the course, I don't know how it's going to run," he said. "I could sit there at 4 Mile Creek Resort and tell you every step of everything that's going to happen to run the race. How to take a corner. How to take a hill. This is going to be a trial run for me, too, as a coach to figure out exactly how to tell them how to maneuver around the course."
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