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UMKC game and the new Power and Light District

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  • UMKC game and the new Power and Light District

    Has anyone ventured to the new district?

    It is walking distance to Municipal, correct?

    What bars, restaraunts, hotels and bait shops are open in the area?

    Where are the sportin' women to be located?

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    There are a few places open, but I don't know what they are yet. Most of the bars and restaurants are not slated to open until just before the B12 tournament. The most interesting thing around right now is probably the College Basketball Experience at the Coaches Hall of Fame at the Sprint Center.

    Per the Biz Journal only two restaurants are open. Vinino and McFaddens Sports Bar.

    They kind of screwed up on this. Most business didn't expect too much to happen until the B12 tourney, then Garth Brooks did 9 concerts, the CBE Classic happened and now places are starting to scramble to get open.
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      I went to one of Garth's concerts, and Power & Light was not open then. It is only about 1 or 2 blocks from Municipal Aud.

      McFadden's and Vivino have opened since. I've heard McFadden's is pretty cool. There are still the old faithful bars that have been open for years though--Tanners at 10th and Broadway is a good bet.