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Time to Man Up

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  • Time to Man Up

    No, I'm not talking about the team.

    Friday, I made a rather offensive response to lawgiver's claim of taking Baylor -10. One aspect of my personality that I don't like very much is a tendency to overreact to a perceived insult. Usually, I can take a deep breath and power through it, Friday I wasn't strong enough. I answered evil with evil, and that was wrong.

    I want to sincerely apologize to lawgiver, RoyalShock, and the rest of the Shockernet crew. I didn't live up to the reputation this board has earned, and I'm sorry. For the record, Royal and I already talked about this on Friday (why I wasn't banned); this isn't part of some negotiated penance, this is me.

    But beyond that, I think it's also time for us WSU fans to man up. We knew this was going to be difficult, especially at the start. The team has real promise, and we know the guys can score - P.J. Cousinard didn't forget how to shoot a basketball over the summer - things will get better, even if we're .500 or sub-.500 this season. As has been demonstrated, I'm worse than most at overreacting, so the last two losses have been hard, but this is where true fans step it up. Any schmuck can throw on a KU football jersey right now, men wear the yellow and black no matter what the record is.

    I ask your forgiveness, and plead with the fans who are like me to not give up on this team, not now, not in March, not ever.

    :clap: :clap:

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    man law. :rofl:


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      Originally posted by goshocks
      man law. :rofl:
      amen! :goshocks: