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Listening to the Radio Broadcast at the game

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  • Listening to the Radio Broadcast at the game

    Did anybody else notice how much better the low power FM signal was last night?

    The signal was so much better than in the past. Did Shocker Radio get some new equipment? Now I can listen at the game without a 5 second delay.
    It is a great day to be a SHOCKER!!!!

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    On the pre game show they mentioned that they would have the FM transmitter in the building. They also said they would be taking it to the Islands for those who are going and want to listen while watching the game.
    That rug really tied the room together.


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      Last nights game was the first one using our new low-power fm transmitter. It was our hope that upgrading to a new receiver (the old one was over 10 yrs old) would take advantage of the technological advances and create a better listening experience for fans attending the games. This receiver will be used at all home and away games and will deliver fm quality sound up to 1500 feet away from the transmitter.

      We appreciate all the comments (good and bad). Know that we are constantly looking to improve our product and continue to strive to put as good a quality of product on the air that the WSU athletic teams put on the field/court. We truly are Shocker fans first and broadcasters second.



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        What is the frequency? I tried two games ago and found nothing so I had to go back to my old radio and the AM signal.


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          For the APB game IIRC it was something like 85.9 or close to it. Close to as low on the dial as you can get.
          That rug really tied the room together.


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            I was gonna say 89.5 but 85.9 is probably right.
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