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Soundoff, Scouting, and Pitt State

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  • Soundoff, Scouting, and Pitt State

    We talked to Coach Marshall today...there are interesting twists here with this game. First of all, as some of you know, we didn't prepare at all for Ark. scouting report accessible to the team, no player notes, etc...just rolled the ball out and played. Not the case with PSU. Team is well prepared on what they will see from the Gorillas.

    Pitt State scouted Wichita State...Gene Iba was here Saturday night. They requested "scouting passes," but WSU refused...D-1 programs can only scout via videotape. So Iba found tickets! I asked Marshall if he was upset about it, and he said he's still letting it sink in...he's not quite sure what to think. An interesting twist! I'm reading between the lines - he didn't like it!!!!

    Pitt State isn't bad...10 returners back from a team that made the D-II tourney last year. Best player is Cory Abercrombie - a F/C! Keith Windom played at Wichita South and Hutch CC...also a returner.

    Shocker Soundoff starts at 4pm at The Shadow...come by for pregame drinks and dinner! Also, the tennis team is recruiting the #35 high school player in the country, and the #1 Juco Recruit (whos dad, Manny Zafiros, happened to play on our Final Four Team!). These guys will be at The Shadow prior to the game...The high school kid just finished a trip to Alabama, and a football game was included, so we are up against the odds here...but if you see them, let them know what it's like to be a Shocker!

    We had a power outage prior to Saturday's show, and that killed our webcast...we are back up now for those of you that can't hear the signal (New York, Kansas City, Rock Road...) Enjoy the show, and the game!

    Chris A.

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    Can you say "run up the score"?


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      I can't see where scouting the Ark Tech game provided much information.

      If Baylor can get film of the PSU game, doubt they're going to get much scouting info from that either.

      If the scouting reports come out - "Smother PJ and ignore Griskenas and Clemente" - that's almost a disinformation campaign. Everybody already knew they had to concentrate on Cooz.

      Paradise Jam is going to be in a gym and with a crowd that's more like what Clemente and Griskenas are accustomed to. Bring on ND. I think Marshall has a good game plan against the Irish.
      The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
      We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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        Originally posted by lemuel777
        Can you say "run up the score"?
        I say just win... see Gardner Webb and Kentucky thread. :shock:
        "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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          I sure hope Charlie Weis is coaching the basketball team too


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            I appreciate the info on the tennis team. The seem to be yet another Shocker team on the edge of being a national program. Getting one of those guys would be great. Both would be positively phenomenal.

            Now, if we can just get women's basketball and golf on the same level!


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              Did anybody listen to Shocker Soundoff or catch it live from the Shadow? The few parts I heard sounded good. I liked hearing old Coach Smithson (Gene). Any other thoughts or comments?


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                I was able to listen to it via the web and really enjoyed it, I thought they did an excellent job and I really enjoy hearing the Smithson's takes on different things. It is neat to hear insight from people that have been through all the things that go into games. Really enjoyed it and plan on listening as often as I can via the internet. Really appreciate them streaming over the internet for those of us out of towners. Thanks KGSO, keep up the good work.


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                  The pregame was better than I thought it would be and (unlike many) I thought it was going to be pretty good anyway.

                  I don't know how long it will last, but if the season takes off I bet that will be a great 2 hours before every game.

                  Very nice job Chris (and Randy).


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                    I agree completely! Outstanding job Chris and Randy! I really enjoyed all the interviews. Please keep them coming. I think the extra coverage really adds to the big time nature of Shocker basketball.