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Rivals' "340 at 3:40"

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  • Rivals' "340 at 3:40"

    I honestly don't know why they bothered after about #150, but hey, in case you wanted to know what Rivals thinks of North Carolina Central's chances this year, they included everyone.

    1. North Carolina
    4. Kansas
    24. Southern Illinois
    29. Texas A&M
    34. UAB
    35. Notre Dame
    76. Bradley
    82. LSU
    84. Creighton
    85. Missouri State
    89. Appalachian State
    99. Northern Iowa
    114. Baylor
    121. Illinois State
    134. Wyoming
    142. WICHITA STATE: "A middle-of-the-pack finish in MVC may be the best new coach Gregg Marshall can hope for."
    175. Texas-Arlington
    189. Arkansas-Pine Bluff
    191. Indiana State
    221. Evansville
    224. Drake
    228. Maryland-Baltimore County
    240. Missouri-Kansas City
    279. Monmouth
    340. North Carolina Central

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    I'm just saying that the second best team in the Valley is not going to have 75 teams in the nation better than them.
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      and im just sayin there aint 141 teams better then the WU.
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        Why anyone would take the time to put out a list as retarded as this is mind boggling to me.


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          Now wait just a minute guys. I know most of you have the Shox colored glasses on, Homerism rules the day here on Shockernet, and I don't blame any of you for feeling 141st is out of line. However, let's not forget we are rebuilding this year, we have a new coach, new offensive/defensive schemes, no size down low, new faces, and really only one key player returning.

          A duplication of last year would be terrific in coaches first year. Next year, I see us doing something magical. This year, this team will be struggling to find an identity, will take some time to gel, and I think coach will be experimenting with line-ups a lot to find the best fit.

          Middle of the pack MVC is right on. 75th to 125th best team in the nation is realistic.


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            drive more hits to a website, just my guess.
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              I hope time proves these guys to be at best uninformed and wrong! That being said The MVC needs to take care of business on the courts. osterwu: 8)
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                The Valley is better than that list shows.
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