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  • Exhibition Games

    Are there even the travelling teams that used to be like Athletes First and teams like that anymore? It seems most D1 programs just play D2 for the exhibitions. Are the D2 schools cheaper to pay?

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    NCAA rules changed a couple of years back to allow exhibition games against D-II schools.

    Generally, this is better competition because the teams are in better shape, organized and generally will play some defense.

    The women's team played the Oklahoma Flyers in their exhibition. They had ex-college players, some of whom were very good college players.
    However, this was not a very good team nor a very good test IMHO. They were not in shape, were not very well organizied and were not real interested in playing defense.

    I would prefer a D-II opponent most any day.


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      Not to mention, really really really want to beat their D-1 opponent.
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        As discussed on a previous thread and in today's Wichita Eagle, if Coach Marshall gets his way he will probably drop one of the Exhibition games in favor of a controlled scrimmage with another D-1 school.


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          I was hoping that the So. Cal OJ Mayo's would do a scrimmage with us


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            I believe CU played EA Sports a few days ago. Surprised me since so many have gone away from that. I wasn't even sure EA had a team anymore.
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              wait.....Electronic Arts has its own basketball team? You know, I thought you meant that every Creighton player was playing NBA Live or something