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  • Chatroom

    To chat from your web browser go to

    Go to "Chat Now!" on the top right of the screen
    Under Nickname enter the name you want use while chatting.
    Now click the "Go!" button.

    You may notice a download request for the java web chat software, select run to download it.

    Now a chat screen will appear.

    In the bottom left text box type
    /join #shockernet

    Now you will be in the chat room.

    If you use irc chat software you can connect from DALnet servers listed here

    The IRC channel name is #shockernet
    IRC software for PC can be found at:

    To connect to DALnet using MIRC software,
    Click on Tools then Options, click Server, in the next screen that appears, click below IRC network and select DALnet.

    Now select any DALnet server from the IRC Server list and
    click Connect To Server to connect to the chat server.

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    Or, just use the ShockerNet chat room, which now works just fine, even if it is HTML based.