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Clevin Hannah Update Thread

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  • Clevin Hannah Update Thread

    Clevin hit 4 of 5 treys and scored 14 points in a 30 point blowout of somebody called Truett-McConnell last night.

    Chipola is only about an hour away from where I am at on military business right now. I will attempt to check them out either tonight or tomorrow night (they host a tournament) and file a full report.
    Because Denny Crane says so Dammit!

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    I know, if you look into past performances of his, Clevin can really shoot, and had some games in the 30's.


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      Could you please advise where we might get game results and stats on the internet


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        Because Denny Crane says so Dammit!


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          I checked this, however, where did you find his statistics on the game


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            I found a summary at the bottom of the page.
            Because Denny Crane says so Dammit!


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              Hannah is #36 on JucoJunction's (Rivals) new Juco top 200.



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                Doesn't make sense to me:

                #1 player is 3 stars.
                Clein at #36 is 2 stars.
                #198 is 3 stars.

                If it went descending by stars, Clevin would be higher than #36.


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                  When it comes to juco players, forget about stars. The juco guys don't get enough attention by the recruiters to get evaluated properly, in terms of "stars".

                  Also notice that Daniel Payne is #2 and Bobby Maze #8.

                  Hutch has two in the top 20 (Maze and #19 Ken Bowman). BTW, Hutch got beat last night in their first game and did not look good, according to the Hutch News. Though Maze had 22 points and 9 assists. In an earlier article, when Maze was asked his personal goal for this season, his reply was to set a single-season assists record.


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                    Also noticed that Chipola has 5 players in the top 200. And that doesn't include a couple of highly touted freshman - Gary Flowers (6'8") and Jon Kreft (7'0").


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                      They have talent, talent and more talent, which makes Hannah's line more impressive.

                      Little, who had 16 points for them has verballed to KU.
                      In the fast lane


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                        Maybe a open door to another future recruit through C.H.? I am eager to hear the updates on this signee. It sounds like this team is loaded with solid players.
                        Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                          Just back from the game. Hannah was 4/5 from three ball range and had 13 points as Chipola destroyed IMG Academy, a decent prep school team from Florida, by about 50 points. Will post more tomorrow.
                          Because Denny Crane says so Dammit!


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                            Hannah hit for 13 last night in their win and was 2nd top scorer for team


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                              More thoughts from last night:

                              On Hannah:

                              -Beautiful stroke....nice arch and rotation. Never had the feeling he was going to miss when he shot.
                              -Good, not great handles, but excellent court vision and awareness.
                              -While his natural position is PG, could be a two especially against a zone because he can light it up.
                              -Typical JUCO D-needs work, but athletic enough it will come.
                              -Very composed and mature, natural leader. In control of emotions at all times.
                              -Best comparison I can make is Tony Bennett, from Bradley a couple of years ago, although I think Hannah strokes it better from outside.

                              On Chipola:

                              -Including the women's players from the early game, cheerleaders and hecklers from the Chipola baseball team (they were actually pretty funny), there was about 300 people there. Guess on Friday night in the fall in Florida, HS football is still king.
                              -Gym is new and nice but not overly spectacular or large.
                              -Little will be a good player for KU. Reminds me of the big rawboned guards Self had at Illinois. Doubt if this kid has touched many weights, but when he does, look out.
                              -Flowers and Kreft that Royal referred to are physically talented players with lots of baggage off the court. Kreft had a felony cocaine charge in high school and Flowers was booted off the Oklahoma State roster last year. Hope both of these kids get it straightened out, but right now I would pass on them. I'm sure Huggins knows about both. Flowers starts, Kreft doesn't, but plays a lot of minutes.
                              -Most of the rest of their team that are sophomores are at least mid-major recruits. The starting 2G, Mario Edwards, is getting looks from a lot of schools. One sophomore, Malik Allen, is a cat quick transfer from UTEP who comes off the bench to spell Hannah. He is somebody that could be a steal for a mid-major.
                              -Almost all of their freshman were D-1 recruits that didn't pan out for one reason or another. The most intriguing of them , from a recruiting perspective, is Casey Mitchell, a "power guard" from Savannah. This guy would be a beast in the Valley.
                              He is 6-4, 220 with ups and an aggressive streak a mile wild.
                              -Hard to tell how good Chipola was. The team they were playing was a prep school who had only one or two big time players. One of them was a guy named Swopshire who verballed to Louisville.

                              Other thoughts:
                              -Tonight Chipola plays Motlow State. If I had been paying attention this is the game I should have attended. But didn't want to miss the Shocks on the radio through the internet. Motlow is loaded too with Huggins recruit Tyree Evans (remember Randy Smithson booted him at Butler) and preseason JC All American Demarco Stepter who the Shocks are looking at. The also have a couple of brothers, Isaiah and Israel Kirk, both 6-7 that are interesting prospects.
                              -Didn't see anybody that looked like recruiters in the stands. Is is a quiet period now for game scouting?
                              -For $5.00 was a nice nights entertainment.

                              Any questions?
                              Because Denny Crane says so Dammit!