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  • Coach Marshall on Sports Daily

    I just finished listening to Gregg Marshall's spot on this mornings Sports Daily. I have not seen any discussion of this yet. If I missed that, I apologize.

    First of all, it was a great spot. HCGM is not bashful about saying what he thinks. I heartily recommend you download and listen to the interview if you have not done so yet. It was during the 1st hour.

    They start "official" team practices Friday at 7:00 PM. However, they have been able to practice as a team for 1 hour twice a week for the past several weeks. HCGM said these had been very intense and physical 5 on 5 sessions as he tries to get a head start on seeing what he has to work with and on implementing his system.

    He said the best thing about this team was their willingness to work hard. He also said, they really have no choice, because working and playing hard is his top priority and is non-negotiable.

    The most pleasant surprise regarding the WSU job has been the level and depth of community support.

    The toughest thing he has had to adjust to is the amount of air travel time needed in recruiting. He had much more densely populated area within a 3 hour radius of Winthrop.

    HGCM and PJ were discussing that even the way HGCM approaches a Man-to-Man defense is quite a bit different than how they played in the past.

    Lutz said he thought last year the main problems with the collapse was the lack of low-post scoring and defense and shooting.

    HGCM said PT and JT need to step up, but that, regardless of how well they play, you can't change the fact they are both 6',7". He said the best thing that could happen would be for the Nigerian to show up, which they think may happen on December 14th.

    He said they will then have to decide whehter to play him in the second semester or red shirt him. He said he talked with a knowledgable party at length last night about EH. This source said if you want him to be a double-double guy for all four years than you should probably red shirt him. But if you need someone who can come in and make a difference in the game with shot-blockiing and defense than play him ASAP. I got the feeling that the latter is the plan. He said that this source used the following phrase several times in their conversation -- NBA Potential.

    He said he is encouraging his players to get in the gym on their own outside of practice to improve their games on their own, something he developed at Winthrop.

    Back to Lutz' comments he said the other key thing he noticed from watching last year's team was their conditioning and toughness was not up to his standards and he thought that had a big impact.

    Finally, he said they have a couple of scholarship offers outstanding at the present time.

    Hopefully, I captured the main points and flavor of the interview.

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    yup 1972 i think you pretty much covered it
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      "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability."
      -John Wooden


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        If Coach Marshall wants more cowbell then we should probably give him more cowbell


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          I am not a Bruce Haertl fan, but he made a comment, which I found to be, well....profound.

          "If Mark Turgeon had not been here, Gregg Marshall would not be here."


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            well, thank goodness turgeon was here.


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              is anyone else having trouble with kfh's site. i've been trying to download it, but am having trouble


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                "He said he is encouraging his players to get in the gym on their own outside of practice to improve their games on their own, something he developed at Winthrop."

                I was in the arena last night rehearsing the band and two of the players (I believe it was Burley and Michael) were working on their jump shots for about an hour. Burley had a nice looking shot, Michael was streaky, but nonetheless,
                if two players who might not get much playing time are working that hard, that late on a school night, I am excited to see the work ethic of the rest of the team.


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                  That can go both ways Bone. Let's hope your guess is right, and not the other way around. Working hard can get you a scholly, which I believe neither of them have.


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                    Originally posted by wu_shizzle
                    Muchas Gracias WU_Shizzle
                    “Losers Average Losers.” ― Paul Tudor Jones