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Spurrier Forces SC to Change Admissions Policy

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  • Spurrier Forces SC to Change Admissions Policy

    AP article reports: "The University of South Carolina claried guidelines for special admissions, about two months after football coach Steve (Superior) Spurrier threatened to leave if something wasn't change.

    Spurrier was embarrassed and angry in August when two incoming propspects . . . were told they could not enroll after the coach told them they would get in. (NO mention of basketball and Aaron Ellis).

    University president Andrew Sorensen agreed to the revamped guidelings last week.

    When asked about the reworked guidelines, Spurrier said, 'Yeah, we can live with that.'"

    Althought there was no mention, I think we can safely assume that this change obviously applies to all sports.

    Their loss was our gain.

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    old ball coach's the pupper master after all these years


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      If an athlete is eligible under NCAA rules I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to get into any state school.

      It's not like it's Harvard. Or even Vanderbilt.