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  • 39 Days

    Time is a flyin'.

    Put fresh batteries in headset radio. Check.

    Wash gold and black or yellow and black tees. Check.

    Get yellow wig out of the truck in basement. Check.

    Buy yellow and black body paint. Check.

    Buy two hog hats. Check.

    Send note to AD Schaus to hurry up with the light show and smoke/fog machine equipment for player introductions.

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    E. Orupke present? I hope that will be a affirmative check. He would help shore up our inside game. Hopefully AB will become a factor along with Mr. Burley inside as well. No doubt that MG and RE will man the SF position quite well and Clemente will kick butt inside.
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      My countdown is at 18 days, when practices start. Practices will be closed cause GM doesn't want practice reports on the Net. Gee, who would do that?

      The last report from Schaus was that he was "optimistic" Orupke would show up in time to enroll for first-semester classes that start in October. Schaus isn't known for exaggeration or hyperbole, so there's got to be a chance Orupke shows up in time for the start of practices. A chance. Just a chance.

      Right now I will take Thomasson/Durley at the post. Clemente/Durley/Butler at the 4. Griskenas/Ellis at SF.

      The perimeter of Cooz/Braeuer/Mekel/Preadom looks solid for starters and bench.

      PF and C seem to be the spots where depth or the starters can be questioned. I choose to think that Thomasson will do better than how he finished last year and that Durley will at least approach the promise we've been led to believe he has.

      If Butler can become a contributor or a situation player, we're in good shape in the front court or more than a few years.
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        Ellis is listed as a small forward, and I have no reason to doubt that he will play there primarily, but seeing him in person at the SASO ice cream social before the volleyball match today, I noticed that the 6'8" he is listed at may be a conservative height. I was surprised by how much taller than Arbry he is, and wonder if he is capable of playing both the 3 and 4.
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