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Is our most hyped up home game for the upcoming season is...

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  • Is our most hyped up home game for the upcoming season is...

    WSU V. the Bayou Bengals of LSU?

    BTW, I think Bayou Bengals is one of the best nicknames fans have ever created, it just rolls off the tongue

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    i think that in the non-conference UAB could be our toughest game -- if the hoodrats can stay out of jail.

    in the conference tilt, its obviously siu.


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      It's definantly UAB.


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        The LSU game will appear more significant on a national level.

        I think UAB will be the better opponent, but LSU has a name. A name that's recognized nationally. LSU was a F4 team 2 years ago. That's going to still be in the memory of national fans.

        LSU and WSU both performed below expectations last year after losing little from their NCAA teams. Both appear to be in rebuilding years this year.

        The LSU game is going to get serious national coverage to compare 2 "rebuilding" teams. The UAB game is going to be seen as "2 mid-majors" playing a game.

        I think WSU is going to get some coverage based on Marshall. The media is going to want to follow a guy who's made so many NCAA's and follow him on his way up the ladder.

        2-1 at Paradise Jam and sweep the non-con schedule is possible. That would put the Shox at least into "Others Receiving Votes".
        The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
        We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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          Aargh: You made some great points and I would have to agree with you. So the most difficult apponent is UAB and the highest profile game is LSU. Let just win both and we'll all be happy. I really like coach Mike Davis. I think he is going to do wonders for UAB. I think he is in the same class as Coach GM. He just got a raw deal at Indiana. I think it is going to be a great game.