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    hey everyone, i just tried to sign up for the breakfast, but is no longer taking reservations. the letter said i have until the 23rd... does anyone know if its full and they are no longer taking reservations, or am i on crack (or both)

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    I know it was very close to being full. Call the Alumni Association and ask for Robin Bauer and she'll give you all the info.


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      Did anyone make it to the breakfast with CM this morning....?
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        Just 539 of his closest friends.


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          There isn't much to report. Most of the comments have been discussed already on this forum.

          New items: He did mention that Aaron Ellise had put on 9lbs already and Gregg praised the efforts of Kerry more than once.

          I think he did address RDR question list. I know he listed his goals. (Forgive me for any omissions).

          1. We are going to work harder, be more prepared and play harder than the other team every night.

          2. We are going to graduate our student athletes. Gregg was asked later about his feeling on signing a player that might be a 1 or 2 year player. Gregg said that would be a good problem to have but and while he would be happy to have that type of player help our team and program they would have to discuss the players return and completion of school.

          3. He wants young men that are going to be a part of the community and conduct themselves in a professional and moral manner. He understands young men and reminded most of us there what it was like to be that age. He thinks about it before he goes to sleep every night.

          4. He expects his team to be competing in March with a chance to advance.

          (There was one more that escapes me at the moment).


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            Originally posted by WuDrWu
            . . . . He wants young men that are going to be a part of the community and conduct themselves in a professional and moral manner. He understands young men and reminded most of us their when we were their age. He thinks about it before he goes to sleep every night. . . .
            While college basketball is not church, synagogue, mosque or even ethics class (nor should it be), the Michael Vick situation reminds us that the moral dimension is never irrelevant to athletics. I think Jim Schaus has kept this firmly in mind as he has made coaching hires and in the long run the program will be stronger because of it.

            I don't know enough about the K-State BB situation to say definitively that they have sold out their ethics (although the rumours about their new coach are numerous) and I certainly hope for their players sake that they have not. I do know that Schaus and the coaches he has hired give me a great deal of confidence that ethics will not be neglected here. No one, of course, can ensure that a college player won't do something stupid in spite of all the safeguards but I am confident that it truly will be "in spite of" in our case.
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              He mentioned that Gal was a hard worker, was here (almost as if to answer any concerns about his whereabouts) and then mentioned that he would be returning to Tel Aviv to attend his brothers bar Mitzvah shortly but would be back and would only miss a week of school, again, almost to squelch potentional fears.

              He really praises the skill of Mantas and seemed very happy about the fortunate situation that fell our way with Aaron.


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                I wish I could remember the exact quote but it went something like this:

                Q: Coach what is your defensive philosophy?

                HCGM: Our philosophy is to make it as uncomfortable as humanly possible for the other team to run their offense. We want to punish them. I like to mix things up on defense, we are going to pressure but not all the time full court.


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                  Someone please re-count the Bill Self story.


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                    So, after hearing the presentation by Marshall, the Dr.'s diagnosis is?


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                      He also was excited about 6k for volleyball this last weekend. He said they never drew 6k for a basketball game in all the time he was at Winthrop. He loves the passion and the enthusiasm for WSU. I think he enjoyed the 539 that attended breakfast and thought they should perhaps do this every day.

                      It is impossible to listen to this man speak and not be excited about what is ahead.

                      He talked about the great memories we have inside this building but followed that up with that he wanted everyone to know that working together, the greatest memories are ahead of us when we work together.

                      You can read into that whatever you want to but I took it like this: "I've heard the stories and I love the passion but you haven't seen anything yet.

                      Together (Coaches, players, Admin, boosters, fans) we can and will accomplish not anything, but everything.

                      When discussing the schedule I took it as almost a challenge when he mentioned the road games and specifically UMKC. I beleive he expects several thousand black and gold clad WSU fans at that game.

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                        Originally posted by ISASO
                        Someone please re-count the Bill Self story.

                        I thought you were there ISASO?

                        Timeline of events as mentioned at the breakfast:

                        1) Bill Self calls GM to congratulate him on his new job. Bill leaves a voice mail and according to GM, Bill's message is clear that there is no need to call back. (crowd laughs as this follows a scheduling question).

                        2) Gregg hits the ground running and doesn't get a chance to talk to Bill.

                        3) Gregg runs into Bill somewhere (I can't remember where) and Bill asks why he didn't ever return his call. Gregg says it was clear there was no need to call back and Bill then answers "Well I was going to tell you that I was all ready to start a series with you but now its too late and we're all set." (Crowd laughs uncontrolably).


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                          Originally posted by Txlen
                          So, after hearing the presentation by Marshall, the Dr.'s diagnosis is?

                          I have been fortunate enough to hear HCGM speak several times so nothing I heard today really influences my opinion.

                          I am not sure if I have a diagnosis. I am more impressed with Gregg than I have been with any other coach I have ever met. He is the most genuine person that I know. The kind of guy you'd just love to have over and shoot the breeze on your deck telling stories and enjoying a cold beverage.


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                            Marshall Breakfast

                            When reviewing and discussing his staff he commented on sending one of his assistants to Nigeria while at Winthrop and that out of the 240 some odd players reviewed, the majority were over 6'8" and I got the feeling that we would see some additional Nigerian players attend WSU.

                            Indicated that our 7'0'' Nigerian was an excellent student, ran like a deer and they were working to get him here in time to play this year.

                            Indicated that Grisenkas, lined up a hundred feet away from a $100 bill with twenty other players would "somehow" be the one to wind up with the money.

                            Gal was a "immovable rock" who would be going back to Israel for his brother's Bar Mitzva in a couple of weeks and then return & play.

                            Said he hadn't had much time to spend with alumni yet as he had been too busy putting the program together for this year but definately indicated an interest in getting the support and assistance of WSU alums; said he had met the X Man in Vegas and joked that he had bear-hugged him not once, but twice raising concerns that his sunglasses in his pocket would be smashed.

                            Said both he and his son had a strong interest in visiting famous basketball gyms and that his son wanted to see Phog Arena and had been invited (in July) to see the court by Bill Self and that Self had called to schedule a basketball series after he had been hired by WSU but because CGM hadn't returned his call he had went ahead with alternative plans (JOKE).

                            Overall impression was that CGM was entertaining and stimulating without over promising results while at the same time leaving you with the feeling that he would be disappointed if we didn't put in a post season appearance somewhere.

                            I was at Long Beach State University when Jerry Tarkenian took over the program there after being a successful JC coach and ramped it up in spite of USC & UCLA's efforts to impead the development of the program. CGM's intensity & focus and most importantly, apparant connection with his players makes me think that KU & KSU are in for an even bigger battle as WSU's stituation is a whole lot stronger than LBSU was. Like Tark, he has surrounded himself with the right assistants to enhance and fill-in where he is either unable or doesn't have the time to develop skills and contacts and I would expect his assistants enjoy the same success as many of Tark's.

                            I can't wait!!


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                              I'm excited!!!
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