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Taylor Eldridge's KU Article in The Sunflower

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  • Taylor Eldridge's KU Article in The Sunflower

    I just finished talking to taylor via MSN Messenger, and i showed him the posts about his story on here... and he mentioned that he had a version of the story that was on facebook, that he had spent more time doing research on...

    Unfortunately he had to rush his story into the sunflower due to a deadline.
    and he told me hes a lil embarassed about some of the errors he made.

    he gave me this statement and sent me a document in word with the completed story... Taylor does not have an account here... so he is using me as a mouthpiece.

    "I realize that the story printed in the Sunflower had several inaccuracies and came off the wrong way. I have read all the feedback and don't blame you for bashing on me, but since I have re-written it and am now confident in it. In response to me being a Kansas State fan, I am indeed a Wildcat for life and am not ashamed of it. I state several times in the editorial that I am somewhat bitter but I also make it very clear that I respect KU's program and the true KU fans. I am not saying that KU is the only program that cheats, beacuse KSU and WSU have cheated as well. But what I am trying to bring up is the lack of knowledge that KU has several major violations and how they have always came away with punishments that can be considered *minor. And in response to me being a KSU fan attending WSU, I love KSU but my job(Wichita Eagle) has kept me here in Wichita. I by no means claim to be the best columnist and I am still you can tell, I am definitely a sports writer though just not a columnist. Last time I wrote it in about an hour sitting in class, but now I have changed several parts and am I am not ashamed of this one. Remember, it is only my OPINION and I am not talking about every Jayhawk fan. Just the many that I have encountered." Taylor Eldridge

    [Staff edit: 1. Do not post the entire contents of an article. Refer to the posting guidelines.
    2. There is already a topic for discussing this. Feel free to re-post the above portion there.]
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