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The real story behind today's "troubles"

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  • The real story behind today's "troubles"

    No, our little prank today was not perpetrated by a CU fan (did anyone really think they were capable? :lol: ). I wish I could take full credit but this was the brain-child of one of the SalukiTalk admins. They approached me with the plan last week and I thought it sounded great.

    You all had a great sense of humor and I hope you got a nice laugh out of it.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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    Nicely played!


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      Great April's Fool joke!!!! Sure suprised me.


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        Best April Fool's joke ever.

        Props to both parties.

        P.S. - I love how both worked together to blame it on the BJ's.. :clap:
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        "Enjoy the ride."

        - a smart man


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          That was an awsome joke. The Bluejay icon was a great clincher. I bought it. I'm glad we are back to normal.


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            Well played. Props to the admins of both boards.


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              I was like WTF at first then I went to SalukiTalk then that is when I started laughing

              thanks guys


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                Well done, Royal. You're a credit to computer geeks and Shocker fans everywhere.

                I suspected an "inside job" when the Shockernet/SalukiTalk schemes were interchanged so flawlessly.

                Nice work!

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                  I'm bummed that I missed it! Probably one of the few days in the last decade that I waited until after 1:30 to check SN...
                  Wear your seatbelt.


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                    i totally thought the site was hijacked.
                    i almost wanted to cry, but i knew that's exactly what they wanted!

                    great joke.
                    veni, vidi, vici


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                      Originally posted by wsu789
                      I'm bummed that I missed it! Probably one of the few days in the last decade that I waited until after 1:30 to check SN...
                      Same for me. Darn work!!!


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                        Phenomenal work Royal. The Shock value was priceless. I enjoyed my time as a Saluki fan.


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                          For those that missed it, I did grab a couple of screen caps. I'll put them online shortly and post the links.


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                            I figured it was an inside job from the beginning, considering the content was undisturbed, and considering that Royal wasn't actively calling for somebody's head.

                            Still, an excellent prank. Trying to hang it on the pigeons was a nice touch.

                            :clap: :clap:


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                              See if these work. They are fairly large at about 500k each.

                              ShockerNet as SalukiTalk

                              SalukiTalk as ShockerNet