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Building Excellence fundraising campaign

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  • Building Excellence fundraising campaign

    ShockerNet has always strived to be a good "WSU citizen". In that tradition we would like to help raise funds for Wichita State's Building Excellence for the Student Athlete facility fundraising campaign.

    Contributions would be anonymous in that the donation will be presented to WSU from, similar to how we handled the Roundhouse Renaissance donation several years ago. The idea is that as a group, we can turn a number of smaller donations into one large donation. So even if you don't have a substantial amount to give, your smaller donation can be a part of a larger effort. Even if you have already given, we encourage you to "chip in" a few more dollars!

    We have set a goal of $2000 by July 1, 2008. There have been at least four (maybe five) ShockerNet members who have pledged to make a donation of 10% the amount raised, up to $200. That means if we reach our goal, we would be able to give $2800 toward the fundraising campaign!

    We have set up a "Chip-In" on the front (home) page of ShockerNet. Clicking the ChipIn button will take you to a secure PayPal site where you can make your donation. PayPal does charge a small transaction fee of $.30 plus 2.9%. If you want your donation to be a round number after the fees, here are some standard amounts to use:

    $10 -> $10.59
    $20 -> $20.88
    $25 -> $26.03
    $30 -> $31.17
    $50 -> $51.75
    $100 -> $103.20

    We recognize that not everyone is comfortable using PayPal. If that is absolutely not an option for you, please send me a PM and we will figure out an alternative method of payment.

    Please PM me any additional questions you might have.