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  • Thank You for the support

    Shocker Friends:

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you guys for your support and in hoping we'd get the NCAA bid yesterday. I know you guys were behind us all the way and I (we) appreciate it very much. I was hoping we could help Drake carry the Valley flag but we didn't get the selection.

    I thought we were worthy of a bid, but as a mid-major when you put your fate in the selection committee's hands, you are really asking for trouble. In a close debate, the BCS teams will always win.

    That said, the Redbirds had chances to beat Drake, Kent St or Indiana and they would have been in. That and not get annihilated in the Valley title game on National TV. The few chances they had, they didn't capitalize on and thus it's NIT here we come. Hopefully we can represent our league and make a run to NYC.

    Thanks again for the support. You guys are awesome.

    PS-I sat in Section 120 in the Lou and talked with a few of your fans. Good people. Hope to meet some of you from this board in the coming years.


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    Good luck

    Best of luck to you and your team in the NIT and in the future, Ghost. Once Coach Marshall gets things rolling here, I hope you guys finish second every year.


    You're a class act and a great ambassador for your school's fan base.


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      It still upsets me that you guys were left out. We sat next to a couple from ISU that were quite pleasant as well. I believe it was in 117. Hopefully in the near future our two schools will finish 1 and 2 every year and go on to do great things. Until then, good luck getting to NYC and I hope one day I can meet you and a few more of your fanbase in the Lou.
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        my brother in law lives in coffeyville and was pulling heavily for the redbirds, but i've got to think that last margin of loss was CRITICAL for them...


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          I wish all of the MVC participants the best in Post Season Play.!!! I was really pulling for Ill. State to get in the Dance this year and was quite disappointed as I watched the final picks.
          Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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            Yes, but getting blown out by 30 points in the Championship game is pretty bad, and I am sure affected the committees decision.


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              Conference tournament play > Overall play (i.e. regular season play) ?

              I like conference tournaments, but let's not overvalue them too much. Unfortunately for the committee, they've already got entrained in this. It's kinda annoying and doesn't make too much sense.

              Sorry Redbirds. Good luck in the NIT.
              Deuces Valley.
              ... No really, deuces.
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                I'm steaming mad that the Redbirds aren't in the Tourney. If you think the Valley was down this year, then why didn't the Shox finish near the top? We have a proven head coach, and returning players from a Sweet Sixteen run that knocked off UAB and LSU. Just because the names of the teams aren't the same as they have been over the past five years, doesn't mean the quality of play has decreased.

                I watch a lot of basketball, and the Valley was right there where they always are (right behind the power conferences).

                I guarantee you that if SIU was #1 in the league, the Valley would have more than 1 team in the tourney.