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Looking back on the MVC Tourney

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  • Looking back on the MVC Tourney

    This Wed. I will be heading to the MVC Tournament for the 12th straight year. The first trip was Randy Smithson's first year and the first year they had play-in games. We were a play in team and if my memory serves me we played Drake and a guard named Jason Daisy dropped about 30 points on us and we lost. For the rest of the evening I felt foolish for coming all that way but ended up having a great time watching the rest of the tournament.....In all those 12 years the shockers have never made it to the Championship Game..and in fact have never won more than One game....but I have always had fun and looked forward to it....OUR TIME IS COMING

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    Well, let me forshadow what you can expect at this tourney.

    First Round - ISU fans left shaking thier heads as a guy in a head gear lights them up for 40 points in a 77 - 71 WSU win. A game that will live for the ages.

    Second Round - Drake tightly wraps up Braeuer and while he scores on 6, PJ Couisnard lights them up for 40 in a 65-60 WSU win.

    Semi-Finals - WSU plays a tightly contested game, but our favorite two ref's foul out the entire WSU team in less than 24 mins, leaving HCGM, DF, CJ, DO, and Mike Kennedy to carry the weight. They do a valliant job, but are unable to pull out the win. WSU falls 90-32.

    Finals - SIU beats UNI 9-3 to win the ticket and put 2 teams in the NCAA tourney.

    Well, oooooops!! Didn't mean to ruin it for ya!! Enjoy yourself! Wish I could be there!!


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      You had me believing you until you said SIU would score 99.

      Now I just think you're nuts! :wacko:


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        oooooooppssss!!! it was supposed to be 9-3.



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          Ok, that's better. I take it back. You're not :wacko:.


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            My level of bonkers was just exceptionally high during that!! We'll see how close I get.