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An apology to shockernet!

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  • An apology to shockernet!

    Fellow shockernet ladies and gentleman,

    I would like to humbly apologize for some of my posts in recent history. I went back and reread some of them today, and wow do I sound like an idiot! Especially posts defending Turgeon and the officiating. Being an official, I HATE when people blame me for their teams losing when it has nothing to do with me. And I try not to do it to other officials because I know how it feels. As for my Turgeon posts, I was humbly wrong. Recruits don't often go with coaches when they change schools. I think what I was thinking of is transfers. Sometimes players tend to transfer out and follow their coach when he or she moves to a new school. So there you have it, from now on I'll try to become a better shockernet poster and not so defensive and argumentative. And this includes all subjects, mens and womens basketball, and baseball. thank you for your time.

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    I alwasys say its ok to have an opinion but if your opinion is stupid as hell then it should be known.

    That doesnt apply to just you that applys to myself and everybody else.

    good day sir.


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      thanks Awesome, appreciate it. I gues it just took a good look to see that some of what I was sayin didn't make sense, no matter how hard I tried to defend my points. Like I said, I'll try to be better in the future.


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        No worries.
        I will do the same.