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Thanks to recent coaches

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  • Thanks to recent coaches

    I have been thrilled with Coach Marshall's recruits. We have only a short time to have evaluated them but they have appeared to be good basketball players and very high quality people.

    Coach Turgeon was able to build a strong program while bringing in really special people. He managed to improve his won-lost record for his first 6 years in the program while bringing in players who we could all be proud of. That is quite an amazing accomplishment.

    Coach Randy Smithson brought us a great deal of excitement in his early days and while the final year did not turn out the way we wanted, who can say that he did not bring in outstanding people. Maybe Randy did not have quite the contacts to bring in top players, but his players did not get into trouble. Some of them are still around the community and are proving to be outstanding citizens. Thank you Randy.

    Coach Thompson had a real problem bringing in top talent other than Jason Perez (who he never got to coach), but he did find good people.

    Sadly, Coach Cohen had some problems with his recruits. I believe Coach Cohen was a very decent guy, he did not have the ties to find the best players.

    Coach Fogler brought in Paul Guffrovich, John Cooper, Aaron Davis and others. John had a career ending injury and Aaron had a heart problem that ended his career, but they were all quality people. I don't always agree with all those who say he left the cubbard bare. He left some good players who either got hurt, had health issues or had the issue of dealing with a staff that could not bring out the best in a team (Cohen's days).

    Coach Gene Smithson brought in numerous quality players who were also good people.

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    Fogler very strongly backed Cohen for a very good reason- he did not want to take him with him. Enough said.