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since I can't go to the game ....

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  • since I can't go to the game ....

    ....and I'm very disappointed, I'd like to just say how much I've appreciated watching PJ ,Matt and Phil play in their time here.... I'm especially impressed with how they have battled through adversity, especially the kind where your highlight were two seasons ago, and yet you soldier on.Great lesson for others in life that sometimes it involves showing up, even when you are battling through toughness.

    Lance, also...wish we'd got to know you better!

    Thanks for making us proud!

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    Yes Matt, Phil, and PJ all have their highlights from playing for us, but, yes, I have enjoyed watching Lance play these last games, and noticed the spark of energy he brought to the team when we needed it.

    The steal he got, the 3's he hit, good defense and hustle.