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There HAS to be a reason....

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  • There HAS to be a reason....

    ...right? Something has to explain the last few games. It can't be repayment from the bball gods over something, WSU stunk for 15 years then was NIT for three years, had the Vandy embarassment, all before the sweet 16 in '06. It can't be the coaches, it's there first year here. Can't be the players, they did build a 21 point lead after all. Well what could it be?

    I've got it. Someone (or maybe a couple) on this team are in gambling debt and now they are throwing games right? How else does a kid who hasn't missed a free throw since Jan 29 miss one with 10 seconds left? How else do you explain what's happened to Phil? What about all of the "injuries", has anyone actually proved Mantas tore everything in his knee? What about the "concussion" that lasted for 10 games? What about PJ "playing through an injured shoulder"? Who has the claws in this team? Is it the mob boss up in Manhattan? He wants to be the story his first year and doesn't want anyone incroaching on his territory? Or is it captain hairpiece in Lawrence? He just wanted people to stop talking about WSU playing KU so he is paying our guys to lose so people will stop talking about it.

    It HAS to be something right?

    ****NOTE: This is not serious. I hope everyone would realize that, but just to pre-empt those that might take it seriously, I am just trying to have a little fun on a bummer of a Wednesday morning.******

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    Or is it captain hairpiece in Lawrence? He just wanted people to stop talking about WSU playing KU so he is paying our guys to lose so people will stop talking about it.
    We are trying to convince KU we are weak enough so they might actually put us on their schedule.

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      The gambling debt scenario is actually pretty realistic. They only get a couple hundred dollars to live on. And btw every sports event is rigged


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        Who knows, maybe there was an elephant in the locker-room at the half?
        SFL is back!


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          This maybe a dumb question but here goes --- has anyone heard what the team is saying about last night or for that matter, the last several games. I know we all hear the post game comments they make but is there anyone out there who has any insight to what they think?

          I would imagine what's said in the locker room, etc stays in the locker room.

          Oh well just pondering? :roll: :roll:


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            This funk we are wallowing in as a team began to manifest it's hideousness Last Season in Vegas. What happened and started at Vegas, did NOT stay in Vegas!!!!!!!
            Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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              PJ is still suffering from his food poisoning in Las Vegas. This new guy is some NAIA kid who looks like PJ who came in after PJ nearly died...

              OR, my more likely theory...

              At the beginnig of the season, Schaus, Stevenson, and Marshall all sat down at a conference table with The Devil. Schaus managed to negotiate a deal, whereby the basketball team would suffer immensely this year, in exchange for a CWS title. Under the Devil's radar, Marshall managed to use some extra favors he had earned from a Voodoo witch doctor who bet heavily on the Shockers vs. LSU, to place an anti-hex on the recruiting class so The Devil couldn't touch Garrett and gang...
              Deep in the heart of couldn't give a crap about college basketball-land and I miss the SHOX.
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