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Band Song Selection from Indiana State Game (2/9)

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  • Band Song Selection from Indiana State Game (2/9)

    Sorry if this has been discussed and I missed it, but... Did the band play some White Stripes last Saturday? I thought it sounded like Seven Nation Army. "I'm going to Wichita"...

    Could have been my imagination, if not - good work band!

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    It's in their regular rotation.
    Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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      I still love it when two of my favorite things in the world intersect:
      White Stripes played at a Wichita State game!

      /Seen the Stripes live something half a dozen times.

      MTXE, SHOX!


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        And Congrats Andy. I just heard last night about your good fortunes.
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          Here's a question about that song...Do you guys think that it was played in an OK spot last night? (I believe it was the under 8 timeout in the 2nd half) We were still up but the crowd was starting to get weary. I called it to try and get people back into the game. I know that some people don't know the song so they might not think it's a good one. Maybe that song is just our Shockernet "inside song". I have to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of it but I know that some people like it and want to hear it so I have no reservations about playing it.


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            I'm not sure what happened in OT, but the crowd noise seemed to drop quickly even though it was still in reach. I suspect it had more to do with being tired of losing close games than the song selection.

            I'm not sure how many people know the song, but even if you don't I think it's a good pep band song because of the tempo and bass. Personal preference, I guess.