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  • Aaron Ellis

    I think the last 2 games we have started to see the potiental in AE. The last 2 games he has started to hit that 17 foot shot. He is also 10 for 11 at the line this season. That block in the 2nd half was just sick!
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    AE is improving and developing at a time that we really need it. Coach probably would have rathered to redshirt him this year, and may do just that next Season. AE could be really special before his tenure is completed as a Shock. AE's potential is oooozing and he is developing into a fine Shock. I love his "incredible hulk long reach" and upside. His block last night and rebounding was cool.
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      He got a couple of big offensive boards in the 2nd half also
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        That block in the 2nd half followed by Matty B's shot was what put the game in the deep freeze. I knew right then and there that it was on.

        Also, there is some kind of deeper intraspection that can go on from that series of events. The freshman block, the senior points. Something to reflect on there but maybe that is the alcohol form last night still talking.


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          Right now, Aaron is playing good ball. His only problem is that often he simply isn't strong enough. He sometimes is unable to hold his position because of that, even if he is trying to do the right thing.

          The glimpses we have seen of his shooting, rebounding, and shot blocking tell us what kind of player he can be once he has put some muscle on and can't be pushed out of position. The ceiling is very high, but we are a summer or two in the weight room away from reaching it.
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            i remember after one of those big O bounds.
            i looked over and coach was jumping up and down going crazy.
            coach was pumped about it. haha.
            "Coach Marshall,We will be at Creighton at least 15 hours in advance!"
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