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thoughts from watching at home....

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  • thoughts from watching at home....

    * first of all, though i did not bargain for it, but the se mo/austin peay game was great...i just wish it had not cost me so much of the shocks!
    * the same goofy guy with the black/yellow apple hat got shown at least 15 that one of you guys?
    * i'm telling you...marshall has become a nurturer with these guys....BUT...he chewed Gal like a bad piece of jerky after that ill advised waltz down the lane...loved the passion...
    * got to say...pretty proud of the shocks AND the fanbase...through tough times, stayiong together, and working hard. was interesting kennedy 's take on the cornelius effort...basically boiled down to shoddy journalism...'work in a few facts, would you?'....