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ShockerNet T-shirts - Ready to order!

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  • ShockerNet T-shirts - Ready to order!

    Finally, we're ready to accept orders!

    Remember, we need at least 40 shirts to be ordered and paid for prior to the final order being placed with Jocks & Jills to have the shirts made.

    I'd like to be able to place the order no later than Feb. 12. But if it takes longer, we'll wait however long it takes. I don't anticipate a scenario where we wouldn't get them ordered.

    The ordering page should have all the necessary details. Payments are accepted through PayPal. If for some reason PayPal is absolutely, positively not an option for you, use the contact link on the ordering page and we'll try and work something out. I would really prefer PayPal so that the process is smooth and I don't have to physically handle the money. But I don't want anyone to be excluded either.

    Ordering is now closed.