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Are we turning into college basketball's version of the cubs

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  • Are we turning into college basketball's version of the cubs

    with all the misfortunes (guy's death, the injury bug keeps biting us time after time etc) I have to ask:
    What basketball god did we piss off?

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    I just hope that we're making all of these 'deposits' into the luck bank and one of these days we can start making some withdrawls...

    Next year's team will be full of new faces, and hopefully fresh bodies too.


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        The Cubs have 100 years of terrible-ness. We're far from that.
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        -- Yogi Berra


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          This is just a brief (hopefully) reminder of the way the 90's went. It should motivate us to NEVER GO BACK TO THAT AGAIN!

          Actually, the future is plenty bright. It's just the present that is pretty bleak. It's tough and draining to watch a team work so hard and get so little. Their effort isn't the issue. They just don't have enough tools.


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            Oh hell no....

            Don't even mention the C--- within 100 feet of WSU. We really don't need that level of suck...

            But, I will believe it when we have a Bartman moment. Somehow, some way...
            Deep in the heart of couldn't give a crap about college basketball-land and I miss the SHOX.
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              Re: Are we turning into college basketball's version of the

              Originally posted by Hotel Paper
              What basketball god did we piss off?
              Roy Williams??? No it has to go back further than that. Larry Brown??? No...

              Hmmm...Phog freakin' Allen??? lol

              I'm not sure but it definitely was someone at K freakin' U. It's obvious. :rant:

              They are a basketball God right? I guess our #8 ranking last season coming off a Sweet-16 run and them losing to lowly MVC Bradley really pissed them off. Plus perhaps there were some KU alumni getting in MT's ear to leave WSU so KU could regain the spotlight. Hey...ya never

              Yep there is some VooDoo going on there fer sure. Dang KU. :x
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                Not even close. First, we don't have a national championship where the cubs have a world series win. Second,

                seriously now.


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                  What comes around, goes around.


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                    Goodtimes are in the near future!

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