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  • Any chance...

    This team has of avoiding Thursday night in STL starts this Wednesday. Anything less than a sweep of the next 3 home games means those who plan on going to STL need to confirm Thursday night hotel reservations.
    And you thought this thread was going to touch on the 'other' well documented topic. 8)
    Above all, make the right call.

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    Starting with these 3, UNI, BU and MSU, gets us to 4 wins total. I think we'll need to get to 8 wins. Most likely replacement for us in the play in game is Indiana State. We'll need to beat them twice and Evansville twice.


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      I also think we need to get to 8.

      Even though we have been inconsistent, I like our chances in all remaining 6 homes games (BU, UNI, SIU, ISU, EU, MSU) and we certainly should be competitive in at least 3 road games (UNI, EU, ISU).

      That's nine games. We need 7 of them and 6 are at home.

      Unless we are beset with even more bad breaks, that seems like a reasonable goal for this team.


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        While it may not be readily apparent, I do believe the team is showing steady improvement. Some points are as follows:

        1. Steady improvement of Griskenas.
        2. Steady improvement of Mekel.
        3. Steady improvement of Hatch.
        4. Pretty tough defense.
        5. Rebounding superiority.
        6. Steady improvement of 3 pt. shooting. See my fine report on the Sunshine thread.

        Hot and cold:

        1. Most games, Shockers keep PF + TO <30.
        2. Dr.'s fav stat. More free throws made than opponents shot. However, Shocker FT % is not jaw dropping.

        Jokers in the deck:

        1. JT
        2. JT
        3. JT
        4. Phil
        5. PJ

        The stars must be aligned, but the Shockers have a shot at avoiding the play-in, long shot maybe, but a shot.


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          We are going to be in the play-in game.. sorry folks.