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    I want all of you to think back to April, 2007. Remember how excited everyone was to have Gregg Marshall as our new coach. Remember the press conference that was held on that Saturday when Coach Marshall was introduced as the new head men's basketball coach. I think Gregg Marshall is a man of his word. To that end, I have posted some quotes from Coach Marshall from the press conference where he was introduced as head coach. You can read the entire transcript of the press conference at Please read these quotes and realize that if you continue to speculate that Coach Marshall is going to leave after one year here, you are speculating that he will go back on his word.

    "I feel a very, very proud sense to be the coach at this fine institution with this fine basketball program. The history that you have here is something that I am very aware of. The support and how much Shocker basketball means to you and to this community and this state is something I’m very, very aware of. And I’m very cognizant of the fact that we’re not done with the growth that has been started in the last several years, but we can actually aspire to even bigger heights. I’m excited. I cant explain how much it feels to have Jim really show me that he wanted me as his coach and he’s been very, very supportive of my time and my family because it’s a family decision for me. To uproot and to come to the Midwest, but the values that you people have and the quality of life here, this wonderful city that we have toured in that snowstorm yesterday is something that we are very much ready to become deeply engrained into. We’re just very proud and thankful."

    "Don’t believe everything you read and hear. A lot of times my name pops up simply because we have had some success. I’ve had some great players and a wonderful staff back in Rock Hill at Winthrop University. That is natural that if a job opening comes open, that my name pops up. I can tell you that there has only been a handful in nine years that I have really been involved in; three of those were this spring."

    "I remember two years ago being in the same regional as Wichita State. It’s amazing how fate intervenes."

    "I understand the schools are excellent and that is something that is very, very important to us as we have Kellen who is in the fourth grade and Maggie who is in the first grade. We want to see them finish school here in Wichita."

    "I came out here with an open mind. I wasn’t going to waste Jim’s time. I wasn’t coming out here if I wasn’t strongly considering being the coach. It just had to feel right. It felt right."

    "Dr. Beggs and Shirley were so genuine and so nice and you could tell that their heart is here and I asked him and he said he plans to retire here, but not for a while. We’re going to hopefully have this group together for many years to come."

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    You're right! Very inspiring words indeed.............until SC's job opened up that is.


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      Nice. Thanks for the reminders.


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        problem is that he didn't know Dave Odom was leaving Carolina. I trust Coach and his word but I do have an open mind too


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          I know of a man who would love the SC job:


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            What? Me? Worry?

            Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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              Sorry, but those quotes were in April and right after Marshall took this job. They mean nothing now. Absolutely nothing.
              "You can observe a lot just by watching."
              -- Yogi Berra


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                Originally posted by BA2929
                Sorry, but those quotes were in April and right after Marshall took this job. They mean nothing now. Absolutely nothing.
                if he wants the job thats fine with me. We just need to find the next guy who wants to run this program. It sets us behind a few more years, but I guess it is what it is. I think this situation makes sense for the coach, but if he is a man of his words, then he will stay. But who are we to judge him for what is best for HCGM.


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                  Marshall will stay. All of you are pathetic.

                  Deep in the heart of couldn't give a crap about college basketball-land and I miss the SHOX.
                  Students > Alumni
                  If you EVER want to open your damn mouths about Selection Sunday, READ THIS FIRST:
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                    Originally posted by fastbow
                    Marshall will stay. All of you are pathetic.

                    It’s actually beyond pathetic… it’s turned hilarious! :rofl:
                    "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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                      We are not suppose to say things about player's that are unsubstantiated, but all you guys can go over the deep end big time about the coach???

                      Sounds like a double standard to me!

                      I am sure Coach knew Odom was 64 when he took the job here.

                      All you 'Nervous Nellies' need to give it a rest.