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Time for Gal to step up

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  • Time for Gal to step up

    I have been one who argued from the day that Gal was recruited that he would not take Matt's starting job. I love Gal and the things he does but clearly the team has not functioned as efficiently (that's as kindly as I can say it) when he runs point. That being said, with Matt being out, we absolutely need Gal to play point at a high level starting now.

    The one thing that really encourages me is that over the past several games Gal has begun to give real effort on defense. I hope that shows that he is buying in to what GM is doing. The upside is that there is no doubt about Gal's talent level and the potential to be an outstanding point guard. Let's hope that potential turns in to actuality starting with ISU and continuing throughout the rest of the season.
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    I'm concerned about replacing the 61 minutes of court time from the bench that Matt and Ramon contibuted. Perhaps we have a diamond in the rough (or two).


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      I just want Gal to 'think' before he acts. That's all I ask.
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