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December 27th's Shocker Article

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  • December 27th's Shocker Article

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    An accurate, concise recap. Well done "Sully" Here's to looking forward

    Go Shocks!!!!
    “Losers Average Losers.” ― Paul Tudor Jones


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      The most positive aspect of this did indeed work out well for all parties involved.

      No wonder KU doesn't want to play us!


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        Ok I really don't like the idea of posting all these articles in here when they are on the front page anyways. If someone has something they want to quote or talk about lets, let them make the topic and provide a link for the retards that cant find them on the front page. This just clogs things up worse in my opinion.


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          Here is a little different perspective. Some may not link to the front page. I find it a waste of clicks when I'm either going to the BB or Baseball forum.

          2nd, it's way to get a discussion going on stories of the day. I do agree that if there is something interesting in the story to be discussed it should be quoted with a link for those who haven't read the story to get full context.


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            I like this for two reasons:

            1) As SB said, it spurs discussion.

            2) There is a problem with the "mod" I use on the front page to display the RSS feed from the Eagle. I've yet to find a fixed version for it.