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Shocker Games on Cox On Demand Channel

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  • Shocker Games on Cox On Demand Channel

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post. I've been a shocker fan since the Dave Stallworth era and graduated from WSU in 1979.

    I didn’t see this posted anywhere, so thought everyone would be interested to know Cox’s On Demand Channel has Shocker games previously broadcast on Kansas Now 22. I was browsing through the FreeZone and found the list of games. Appalachian State and UMKC are the only games currently listed. Hopefully the LSU game will show up later.

    Go to On Demand Channel 1 and select FreeZone - Local On Demand - Kansas - Sports. There you’ll see the list of games. They show the games as being available until 3/1/2008.


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    thanks for the info. i would have never looked.


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      Thank you that is great information (and very helpful).


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        That's good to know. Hopefully they keep adding games.
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          That is awesome-o.


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            I don't know, maybe this isn't an issue, but do athletic departments share information with each other prior to games? Is it common practice? I recall a few games where teams were coming in and we "didn't have much info on them" or only what we were able to scout from them. If it's no big deal, great, but if they don't share tapes and the game(s) are available for anyone to go back, watch, and review, well, I would think it certainly makes it easy to scout the Shockers both for sets, play calling, and little things that would otherwise be unavailable in a scouting report.

            Or, maybe it's no big deal at all.


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              JV...The only time you don't have enough film on a team is early in the year. It's standard practice to exchange film. Rarely do you see a team refuse. Most of the time it's a 2 tape exchange and coaches in non-con will almost always give you 2 particular games that show very little of thier schemes and sets. It's usually a moot point because coaches network to obtain even more film from other programs their opponents have played. By this time of the year, if a coach wants film on a team, he'll get some. It's the reason conference play is such a grind, there are no secrets.

              If you've had a game on TV of any kind...You're opponent will have that film if they want it. Keeping them "On Demand" doesn't put a staff at any advantage or disadvantage.


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                It's 42-42 with 10:35 left in the 2nd half at App State.



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                  Thank you 1979. I never in a million years would have discovered that. Thanks for sharing. I will be looking foward to perhaps seeing the LSU game on there sometime soon.

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                    The WSU vs LSU game is available.

                    It doesn't show up in the list with the Appalachian State and UMKC games. If you go to FreeZone and do Search, By Title and put in WSU, then it shows up.


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                      The LSU game is showing up in the normal list now.